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[Sexy Service]

Osaka's super mysterious red light district! Don't enter the "restaurant" without permission

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Tobita Shinchi|Japan's sex culture is world-famous, and many tourists will go to these night streets to explore. In addition to Tokyo's Kabukicho, Osaka's Tobita Shinchi is also one of the most commonly heard places. What is the difference between this sex resort in Osaka and other red-light districts? Is the public security good? It turns out that they are not sex shops but restaurants, and they have to close at 12 o'clock in the morning!

Osaka Tobita Shinchi was built in the 5th year of Taisho in Japan (1916). In 1918, there were more than 100 sex shops, which was a holy place for men to seek pleasure at that time. However, in 1958, Japan implemented the Prostitution Prevention Law, which made women who depended on prostitution lose their only income, so they repackaged the store, calling themselves "ryotei" and trading with customers under the banner of "free love", so the full name of Tobita Shinchi is also called "Tobita Shinchi Cuisine Association".

Osaka-Osaka's super mysterious red light district! Don't enter the "restaurant" without permission

Tobita Shinchi|Why is it called "ryotei"

"When I went to the restaurant to eat, I fell in love with the waitress at first sight, and I couldn't help but make love with her on the mattress that happened to be placed in the room." This setting is legal in law, and the police will acquiesce to their practice. The ladies in the store will sit on the lower floor, wearing maid costumes, school uniforms, etc. Cosplay to solicit customers. If there is no customer after a period of time, they will exchange positions with other ladies on standby. If a customer likes a lady, he will greet the "mama-san" sitting next to him, ask the price and choose a lady, then go upstairs together. There are about 3 ladies in each store on average, and there are 3 to 4 rooms upstairs.

Because the store is called a "ryotei", the first thing to do after going upstairs is to order a drink, and then you can "freely love" with the lady. The service charge starts from 11,000 yen (approximately HK$586) for 15 minutes, 16,000 yen (approximately HK$851) for 20 minutes, 21,000 yen (approximately HK$1,117) for 30 minutes, 31,000 yen (approximately HK$1,650) for 45 minutes, and 41,000 yen (approximately HK$2,181) for 1 hour, which is more expensive than the general customary price. Because Osaka Tobita Shinchi operates as a "ryotei", most stores open from 10 am to 12 pm and close at 12 am. Earlier, due to the epidemic, stores had to close at 8 pm or even stop business, which also greatly reduced their income.

Although Osaka Tobita Shinchi provides sexual services, there are no facilities for customers and ladies to clean their bodies. They can only wipe with wet tissues or rinse the toilet seat with warm water. The hygiene situation is not very good. Near Tobita Shinchi, someone opened a "coin-operated shower room for men" for guests to take a shower after sex. For 300 yen (about HK$16), you can use hot water for 4 minutes.

This red-light district is located in Osaka's "slum" Nishinari-ku. Although the area has gradually developed in recent years, the public security is still poor, and even locals will try to avoid it. Therefore, if Hong Kong people plan to make a pilgrimage to the area, they must be careful and pay attention to safety. Also remember not to take photos, otherwise you may be taken away by the relevant personnel, asked to delete all photos, and have your appearance and ID card information taken, and be included in the blacklist of "Tobita Shinchi Cuisine Combination".

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