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Experience report of the red light district in Nara, Osaka, Japan

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I arrived at the Tobita Shinchi red-light district in Osaka at around 8pm on Saturday. I entered the brothel complex from the side of the Yokai Street and looked for girls as I walked. The girls in each shop sat at the door, making it easy for customers to choose a girl. I intuitively chose a seemingly gentle girl, aged between 35 and 40.

Osaka-Experience report of the red light district in Nara, Osaka, Japan

The lady took my hand and went up to the second floor. Entered the gun room. I asked about the package time, chose 20 minutes, and paid 11,000 yen. The lady temporarily withdrew, but soon returned to the room. The lady asked me to lie down, and she came forward and started a deep kiss, which was beyond my expectation. The lady's kiss was so hot, it felt like being kissed by my big dog. Then started kjou without a condom, top women are suitable for wearing condoms. The big lady's movements were very big, and the little brother was greatly stimulated, and there was a danger of firing at any time. I quickly changed to the normal position, took the initiative to attack, and controlled the situation. I rushed over with all my strength, and the alarm clock rang twice. The lady said to me: "Don't ignore the alarm clock, continue!" I put down my burden, accelerated my sprint, and fired the cannon. The lady helped me deal with the battlefield.

I felt the unique atmosphere of Monster Street. Although the ladies here are old, their hospitality and service quality are really good. After going downstairs, I found that the lady sitting at the door was relatively young, probably no more than 30 years old. I took the fruit candy and left the brothel. Very satisfied.

Osaka Imazato Old Brothel

I took the Kintetsu Osaka Line at around 5pm on a weekday and got off at "Imazato Station" and walked to the Imazato Shinchi Brothel.

Osaka-Experience report of the red light district in Nara, Osaka, Japan

There are 3 brothels that look like restaurants connected together. When I walked to the door of one of the shops, I happened to meet a customer who had just finished serving and said goodbye to the mommy and left the shop. There were also customers' shoes at the door of the brothel next door. It seems that the business here is good. I entered the third house. A male waiter greeted me warmly.

He took out the list of ladies who worked today and asked me what kind of ladies I like. I replied that I want a lady with big breasts and good service. Can you come to the store? "I nodded in agreement.

The lady was not in the store, but waiting for customers elsewhere. After the waiter contacted the lady by phone, he took me to the gun room. The gun room had just been renovated, and there were 3 rooms in total, one on the first floor and two on the second floor. The waiter showed me each room and said I could choose one, which was very kind.

I chose a room on the second floor, and the service fee for 30 minutes was 13,000 yen. I asked for a glass of lemon lime and sat down to wait for the lady. About 10 minutes later, the lady appeared. The young lady was indeed a big-breasted woman with short brown hair and light clothes, giving people a feeling between fashion and simplicity.

Strip each other and start the war. The lady asked me to lie on my back, and the two began to kiss for a long time. Then, the lady started to do oral sex without a condom. When the brother was ready, the female top with a condom was suitable. Switch to the normal position, flick it and fire, a very thick shot.

The young lady fought cautiously on the battlefield, showing her feminine tenderness. After eating snacks, she went downstairs. After getting the herbal tea, she said goodbye to the waiter and left the store. The old brothel in Imazato now has a good atmosphere and is very comfortable to use.

Investigation of the red-light district in Ikoma, Nara Prefecture

The ancient brothel street of Hozanji Temple is located in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture. Ikoma City is a mountain city, and some residential areas are built on the hillside. The ground cable car has become the main means of transportation for residents.

The ancient brothel of Hozanji Temple was built in 1915 and is a well-known red-light street. At its peak, there were 500 women working in the red-light street (including receptionists, etc.). After World War II, the number of brothels decreased year by year. There were 14 custom hotels operating more than a decade ago, but now there are only 3 left.

Most of the closed hotels were purchased by Chinese people and renovated and operated as ordinary hotels.

Osaka-Experience report of the red light district in Nara, Osaka, Japan

The brothels here are very unique. The ladies can accompany the guests to bathe in hot springs, eat and live together. This is impossible in other brothels in Japan, so this place is known as the only remaining "Japan's last paradise" today.

When going by car, take the Kintetsu Railway and get off at "Ikoma Station", exit from the South Exit, walk for 3 minutes to the Kintetsu ground cable car "Torii Ekimae" station; take the ground cable car for 10 minutes to "Hozanji Station". The group of brothels in Hozanji is on Shengtian Road in front of the station.

In Osaka's famous "Tobita Shinchi" and other custom shops, customers can choose a lady in front of the shop. However, in the Hozanji custom shop, although the door is open, neither the lady nor the madam can be seen outside the shop.

The customer must first shout, "Is anyone there?" The madam will appear. The ladies do not stay in the brothel, but wait for customers in two separate lounges outside the shop. There are a total of 10-12 ladies registered. When a customer comes to the shop, the madam will call the girls to come. So, it doesn't matter which hotel you go to, the girls are all the same.

Don't expect to meet a beauty like Miss Tobita Shinchi here. Although you can tell the madam what type of girl you like, it is basically difficult to find your ideal match. Most girls here are between 35 and 45 years old.

The price is 27,000 yen for 2 hours, 40,000 yen for a night, and 70,000 yen for a night and meals.
The service includes bathing with the girls, and it is mixed bathing.

Although each brothel has multiple sex rooms, there is only one bath. So during the peak period of customers coming to the shop, sometimes you will bathe with other customers and girls. Customers may be embarrassed, but the girls don't care at all. They have long been accustomed to appearing naked in public.

Baoshan Temple Customs Experience

I walked down the hill and came to the brothel "Jinaijia" on Shengtian Road. The house is very old, and there are many potted plants at the door. There is a notice in a prominent position next to the door that says "No one under 18 is allowed to enter."

I pushed the door and went in, but there was no one. I shouted, "Is anyone there?" Soon, a well-dressed mommy came out. Mommy took me inside and asked me to sit on the sofa. Seeing that I was a stranger, mommy introduced the services here.

After mommy asked me about the type of lady I like, she told me, "There are very few ladies on weekdays, and you may not be able to find the lady you like. Let me call and try." After the call, mommy smiled and said to me, "The lady is in her early 40s and beautiful. You will definitely like her."

Mommy brought tea and annual ring cakes. I chatted with mommy while eating and drinking. According to mommy, there were few customers last summer and the business was in trouble for a time. Recently, the number of customers has gradually increased, but it has not reached the level before the epidemic. There were many young people in their early 20s among the guests.

Soon, the lady came on stage. The lady was heavily made-up, but she was very slim and looked OK, although she was not my type. I went to the love room with the lady. The room was 10 square meters, covered with bedding, and very clean and tidy. The lady helped me put on a bathrobe, and we went to the bathroom together.

The lady also took off her clothes. Before taking off her clothes, I thought the lady was very slim, but in fact her belly was very full. Her breasts were the size of a D cup, but her nipples were black and purple. I entered the bathtub with the lady. The water temperature was 42-3 degrees, very hot.

I hugged the lady from behind, and soon my little brother responded and hit the lady's back. The lady smiled, "Something is poking me." Then she arched her back.

After getting out of the bathtub, the lady helped me wash my body under the shower. She washed me from head to toe very delicately, especially rubbing my little brother repeatedly, which made my little brother stand up straight and look arrogant. After washing, I returned to the room. I lay on the mattress, feeling a little sleepy.

The lady brought me tea and snacks. After I had the tea and snacks, the lady also lay on the mattress. The lady changed her smile from before, and her expression became very charming, looking at me affectionately.

I started to lick the lady's nipples, and the lady moaned. I touched the lady's private parts with my hands, and there was already a flood. I used my hands to stimulate the lady's lower body, and the lady's reaction was very strong. I started to lick the lower part. Although the lady's private parts would undoubtedly leave marks of countless men's ravages, it was still odorless and tasteless, and it felt good.

The lady took over the attack. After stimulating my little brother with her hands, she began to blow the flute without a condom. The blow technique was very skillful. This blow lasted for more than ten minutes. I really didn't expect the lady to have such strong physical strength.

Seeing that it was about to be blown up, I quickly called the lady to stop. The lady took out the condom and put it on my little brother, and then we were in the normal position. Later, we changed to the side position and the rear position. After several rounds, I felt that the storm was coming and it was unstoppable, so I fired.

The lady took off the condom and held it high, "So much!", her face full of joy. After the lady finished cleaning and blowing the flute, she asked me, "Do you want to do it again?" I don't have the physique to fight continuously, so I had to end the battle.

Go to the bath again and take a shower. After returning to the room and drinking tea, I went downstairs with the lady. Mami handed me a can of coffee, and I paid 27,000 yen for the 2-hour service. Mami and the lady watched me leave the brothel.

Unlike going to other nightclubs, coming here will give you a different experience. I am very satisfied. The number of brothels in Baoshan Temple is decreasing year by year. May the gods bless and keep this extremely precious "Last Paradise in Japan"!


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