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[Sexy Service]

The jargon of Japan's red-light districts and sex shops

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Many friends privately ask what is a real-life sex video, what is a sex video, and what is an AF video. This article will briefly introduce the common jargon and code words in the Japanese sex industry.

If you need it, you can ask me for a copy of the Japanese Red Light District Manual

Osaka-The jargon of Japan's red-light districts and sex shops
Osaka-The jargon of Japan's red-light districts and sex shops
Osaka-The jargon of Japan's red-light districts and sex shops


The word Honban refers to formal performance in the entertainment industry, and in the sex industry, it refers to regular behavior, that is, insert. Among all legal sex industries, only Soapland is allowed to be Honban. Although the law stipulates so. However, there will always be sex shops that privately allow girls and customers to engage in Honban behavior in order to attract customers. For this type of shop, there is a name for it, "NK flow". (In fact, drivers in 1024, everyone should understand this word without explanation)

NK Style

NK Style, Japanese pronunciation is: エヌケーりゅう, friends who are good at Japanese will understand it after reading it. When Japanese veterans mention "NK Style", they will think of the "Nishikawaguchi" area in Saitama Prefecture. "NK Style" is a special service that became famous in the "Nishikawaguchi" area around 1990. There, ordinary custom shops such as ヘルス or サロン will provide ultimate services in private. In this way, many foreign customers come here. However, Nishikawaguchi has become a legend. A large cleanup that began in Kabukicho, Shinjuku in 2005 made these shops disappear overnight. Now only "NK Style" and "Nishikawaguchi Style" are left, which are senior jargons used to refer specifically to the kind of shops that can be privately performed.


Sugu is pronounced as Sumata in Japanese. It is a technique for girls to serve customers, and it is a marginal behavior. It is a technique that has been developed because the law prohibits the use of real services. In most entertainment shops that do not provide real services, except Soapland, this technique is quite common. If girls can only use their mouths or hands to help customers, most customers will naturally not be satisfied. In order to meet the needs of customers without violating the law, Sugu, a technique that was once used by oiran in the Edo period to deal with customers they don't like, has been integrated into contemporary entertainment shops.

Sugu means that girls use their private parts and hands to tightly wrap the customer's. In this way, combined with the use of lubricants, friction movements are performed. Generally speaking, it is mostly a riding style with the woman on top and the man on the bottom, or a traditional posture with the man on top and the woman on the bottom. In order to avoid customers from "accidentally" entering, most entertainment shops adopt the posture of the woman on top and the man on the bottom. A girl with good ass-fucking skills can make the customers mistakenly believe that they are having a real show, and can even let the customers enjoy pleasure that surpasses the real show.


It is the abbreviation of Anal Fxxk in English, and its katakana is アナルファック. This method is common in AV, but it does not happen so often in normal male and female behavior. In general, Japanese custom shops still focus on normal services, and generally pursue the feeling of love, rather than the particularly excessive perverted curiosity. Interestingly, although Japanese law prohibits the service of the original, it does not prohibit AF. Therefore, some shops attract customers with additional service items.

In addition to being able to distinguish from other shops, this approach can also charge extra in the form of Option items. However, after all, not every girl is willing to enter from behind, so the shop will tell the customer whether the designated girl provides this service. For customers who particularly prefer AF, there are AF specialty shops in the Japanese custom industry. This kind of shop specializes in providing AF services, and all girls in the shop provide this service. When customers come to this kind of shop, they don’t have to worry about the situation that the girl they choose does not have AF services.

The girls in AF specialty shops are usually older. Because the comparative advantage is not obvious, special services are needed to attract customers. In addition, since AF is relatively more skillful, older women are more familiar with the body structure of both men and women, and are less likely to have accidents when providing services. So why does Japanese law prohibit this but allow AF? In fact, it is not that the law allows it, but that the law does not think of prohibiting it at all. Because of this, this kind of peculiar way of playing and store form appeared in Japan's custom industry.


It is the abbreviation of No Skin in English, and the katakana is Noskin. In the Japanese sex industry, it means ‘No Condom’. Usually, sex shops need to wear condoms to prevent various diseases. However, Japan is a bit special. Most legal sex shops do not have real services, so most sex shops do not use condoms when providing services.

Since only Soapland’s services have real services, the word NS is a special code word for Soapland. However, Soapland requires condoms in principle, and the birth of NS is entirely due to competition. Because if you don’t use it, there will be certain risks. Even if the risk of pregnancy can be prevented by contraceptives, there will be a risk of infection through direct contact. Therefore, in this link, the store will give girls absolute autonomy, and they will decide whether to provide NS services.

Some girls will provide this service to compete for customers, while others will provide this service only to regular customers based on their own feelings. For non-Japanese overseas customers, even if the girl usually provides NS service, they may need to use it because they are not Japanese.


Hiragana is きゃくひき (Japanese pronunciation: Kyakuhiki), which means soliciting. In the Japanese sex industry, it refers to those who solicit customers for sex shops. Such solicitors can be divided into legal and illegal. The Japanese sex law stipulates that the solicitation of shop owners can only be within a small area in front of their own shops, and such solicitation is legal. Therefore, if the 客引き you encounter is not in front of a specific sex shop, then this type of solicitation is usually illegal. Why do Japanese sex-related laws have such regulations? The main function is to prevent the solicitation of shop owners from causing trouble to the passing customers. Imagine if you walk on the street where sex shops are gathered, and you are pulled and pulled by the solicitors, it will be very ugly. And with the personality of Japanese people, they usually don't refuse strongly. If there is no such regulation, it is easy to cause disputes.

As for those illegal 客引き, in addition to the fact that their solicitation behavior is illegal, the biggest risk is that they may take customers to black shops. Once customers step into this type of store, in addition to being forced to pay high fees at checkout, they are also likely to be very angry. This type of illegal customer-introduction has a characteristic, that is, they usually appear on busy streets and brag about the stores they introduce. They can receive kickbacks from the stores when they introduce customers to the stores, so they will naturally take customers to the stores that will give them the best kickbacks. The stores pay kickbacks to these customer-introductions, and naturally they have to make money back from the customers.


The katakana Bottakuri (Japanese pronunciation: Bottakuri) is also often used, which means to overcharge customers. In the Japanese sex industry, it means that the store uses unfair means to get high fees from customers. Foreigners think that in a highly developed society like Japan, the sex industry is legal, and given the personality of the Japanese, they should be well-behaved and will not mess around. However, you should know that there is only a thin line between the sex industry and the underworld, and some sex industries also tread on the line between legal and illegal. There are always some stores that do not do business so well, so this kind of overcharging behavior still occurs from time to time.

The area where Bottakuri incidents occur most often is Kabukicho in Shinjuku. The places where Bottakuri incidents are most often heard are various bars. What often happens in bars is that when customers are about to pay the bill, they find that the amount of the bill is shockingly high. Either they accidentally ordered a high-priced drink, or some services became part of the service. If a shady store encounters a customer who is unwilling to pay the bill, they will ask the customer to go to the room where the gangsters sit to talk and force the customer to pay obediently.

There is another situation of Botakuri, when the customer comes to the store, only the most basic fee is told to the customer, and then every subsequent service will be charged extra. These fees will add up to a huge amount. When the customer sees the bill after consumption, he finds that the fee is not what he originally imagined. This method is called "竹の子剥ぎ" in the industry, which literally means peeling the skin of bamboo shoots. Even Japanese people will fall into the trap. The most basic principle to avoid being caught is to ignore those who solicit customers on the custom street. According to the regulations of the Japanese custom industry, the staff of the store can only solicit customers at the door of the store and cannot touch the customers. Therefore, those who keep following you to lobby and pull you are illegal. And you can imagine what kind of store illegal solicitation will take you to.

Red Line & Blue Line

Red Line (あかせん, Japanese pronunciation: Akasen) and Blue Line (あおせん, Japanese pronunciation: Aosen) were used before 1958 to mark a certain area on the map as a red-light district. The red line represents legal and the blue line represents illegal. As early as the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1573-1603, from the rise of Oda Nobunaga to the reign of Tokugawa Ieyasu), there was an area called Yukaku. Many women gathered in this area, and men would come here to find women.

As the times evolved, the name of Yukaku also changed, but this kind of place for men to enjoy has always existed. After World War II, when Japan was under the jurisdiction of the Allied Forces, a decree was issued to abolish public prostitution. Before this decree, the management department used to draw red lines on the map to mark the locations of legal custom shops, so the name of the red line came into being.

As for the areas where it is illegal but there are sex shops, they are represented by blue lines, so they are called blue lines. Yoshiwara is a famous red line area. After the promulgation of the law, this place also turned into a gathering place for sex shops. One of the most famous blue line areas is Tobita Shinchi in Osaka. These areas are still the important centers of Japan's sex industry. No matter how the law changes, sex can never be eliminated. Whether it is the red line or the blue line, they are relics left by the times. No matter what era, desires need an outlet, and centralized management is always better than being scattered everywhere.


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