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Bisexual youth’s non-mainstream travel notes in the Philippines (Clark Airport, Camotes Island and Bohol Island)

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One day I received an email from the company saying that the annual leave policy had been changed and any unused leave last year would be forfeited if not used before the end of March of the following year. Immediately, I opened all the low-cost airline websites. I didn’t grab the Cebu special ticket, so I just bought Tiger Airways, which was also relatively cheap, flying from Hong Kong to Clark. I didn’t notice that Clark Airport is actually hundreds of kilometers away from Manila. If a good start means half the success, then a painful start means an even more painful journey.
This is my first time writing a travel note. Since I am not a very meticulous person, I don’t have particularly detailed data and pictures. I am more interested in sharing some travel experiences and feelings. Please forgive me.
3.17-3.20 Hong Kong-Clark-Manila-Camotes
3.23-3.24 Manila-Clark-Hong Kong
Flight: Tigerair 21:40-23:45

With the homework done in advance and a backpack on my back, I gathered with my good friends at Shenzhen Luohu Port at 4pm and set off for Hong Kong Airport. There are three ways to cross the border from Shenzhen to Hong Kong (1. Direct train from Shenzhen to Hong Kong Airport, about 150-180 yuan, which is the most expensive; 2. Take a boat from Shenzhen Shekou Port to Hong Kong Airport, which is cheaper than the direct train) Some; 3. Go through various ports in Shenzhen and take the airport bus in Hong Kong, which is the cheapest. (Detailed information portal), we chose the third option, the cost is 20hkd+30.9hkd=50.9hkd, and the time spent is not much. It takes more than an hour and is very cost-effective.
When I arrived at the airport, it turned out that Tiger Airways was delayed by an hour. I was a little worried because I had to pick up a flight from Manila Airport to Cebu at 5:50 the next morning. It should be noted that Tiger Airways’ terminal is at T2, and it takes a relatively long time to reach it after arriving at the airport. The wifi at Hong Kong Airport is good, and there are computers you can use at the boarding gate after checking in, so it’s not very difficult to pass the time.

The plane landed at Clark Airport at almost 1 o'clock, about an hour later than the original time. After walking out of the baggage claim area, there is a counter for the shuttle bus from Clark Airport to Manila 5m directly in front. After asking, we learned:

1. There is a direct bus from Clark Airport to Manila, which can reach Pasay in Manila, which is the area where the airport is located. , I forgot whether the price is 400P or 450P.
2. Unlike what some friends said online, the shuttle bus does not necessarily wait until the last passenger arrives before leaving. When we arrived, the last bus had already left.

When I learned that there was no direct shuttle bus, I didn’t panic and resolutely implemented plan B – take the 24-hour long-distance bus to Pasay. Unexpectedly, as soon as I walked out of the airport, someone shouted to me: "Edo~Edo~". I took a closer look and saw an aunt holding a piece of paper with my English name written on it. I walked over and asked, and it turned out that she was the mother of a Filipino friend I had before. Since I had mentioned my travel plans to him before, I never expected that his mother would be so enthusiastic. She drove more than an hour from Manila to Clark Airport and waited for me until late at night. In addition to surprise and gratitude, I also felt a little guilty. Since I didn't expect her to come back to pick me up at the airport, I didn't prepare any gifts at all. I felt very embarrassed.
Even if we drove about 100km all the way late at night, it took us 2 hours to get from Clark Airport to Manila Airport. Therefore, if it is not directly chartered (van hire, taxi), it will take a long time to get from Clark to Manila Airport. The conclusion is that if you want to go to Manila Airport, it is best not to buy a Clark ticket, especially for girls traveling alone, as this place is very chaotic and backward. The transportation from Clark to Manila takes a very long time, and the cheapest price is about 700P from Clark Airport to Manila Airport. If you really need to transfer from Clark Airport to Manila Airport, it is recommended to allow 8 hours of travel time.
Attached is my transportation information form from Clark to Manila:
Route 1- Direct bus
1) Take the direct bus at the exit of Clark Airport to Pasay (etc. PHILTRANCO)-450peso
2) Take a taxi from Pasay to NAIA Manila Airport-200peso

Route 2- Long-distance bus
1) Come out of Clark Airport and take a taxi to DAU Bus Terminal-300~400peso
2) Take a long-distance bus from DAU Bus Terminal Bus to Pasay bus station (etc. Fivestar, Victory Line)-150p
3) Take a taxi from Pasay bus station to NAIA Manila Airport-200peso

Route 3- Van and taxi included

This price The floating range is very large. Some taxis that are in a hurry to return to Manila may leave at 1,800, while many vans may charge 3,000-4,000 peso.
I arrived at Manila NAIA Airport at around 3 o'clock in the middle of the night. The airport is quite big and the security check is quite poor. But it is true that Manila is more dangerous on the ground than in the air. Although it is midnight, the Manila Airport is still very busy, and there is a long queue outside the entrance to the airport.


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