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Clark Angel City, take a vacation to a former U.S. military base

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Clark is the former US Air Force Base in the Philippines. During the Pacific War of World War II, the United States built Asia's largest air force base here, which posed a major obstacle to the Japanese army's southward advance. Although the war is far away, the US military bases remain, and Americans' working and living habits continue to affect this area.
As the "Little America" ​​of the Philippines, Clark's streets still retain the flavor of American towns. The roads are not spacious, but the environment is clean and century-old trees can be seen everywhere. Clark was established as a special economic zone in 1993. It is 80 kilometers away from the capital Manila and is more than an hour's drive away, attracting tourists.
For those who are interested in the military, this is a place that can satisfy your eyes. Driving between the blue sky and blue sea, you have the opportunity to see various types of aircraft and visit the ruins and facilities of the US military bases. For those who want to go to the seaside for vacation, after the establishment of the special zone, Clark was converted from a military attribute into an international tourism, business and leisure center. Clark Resort City, located near the Aiwari Mountains, offers distant views of the mountains and close proximity to gardens and multiple theme parks. The stadiums, tennis courts, swimming pools, and children's playgrounds that once served the U.S. military have been reused. The famous Bar Street, which had more than 500 restaurants and bars before the U.S. military evacuated, has also been preserved. At the same time, Clark is the only large-scale bar street in the Philippines. A resort with water park, two 36-hole international-class golf courses and entertainment venues. Walking on the streets of Clark, there are so many people. This place has long been a holiday garden in Manila. For Chinese people, Clark is slowly coming into view. After the twice-weekly direct flights from Shanghai Pudong Airport solve the traffic problem, more and more people are choosing Clark as a holiday destination.
1. Clark Air Force Base
20 years after the United States withdrew from Luzon, Clark streets are still orderly and everything is in order , even the plants have restrained their tropical wildness. Many people are curious about Clark because it was a U.S. military stronghold that was previously off-limits to ordinary people. Although some areas are still closed to the public, the establishment of the resort gives you the opportunity to explore the mystery of the air force base from outside the walls.

2. Air Force City Park
The famous Air Force City Park in Clark has a large number of retired aircraft from the US military base. Don’t look at the shabby appearance of these aircraft, they are all from World War II. You can see the remaining fighter jets, transport planes, helicopters, etc., and see the traces of the war at that time, and get up close and personal with combat aircraft. Under the guidance of the guide, you can also personally open the door of a real WW-II fighter jet, hear the trembling of the engine and the roar of the propeller, and enter the cabin to take a closer look.
Address: Andres Bonifacio Avenue | Clark Field, Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City, Luzon

3. Clark Military Museum
The military museum records the development history of Clark U.S. Base and the legacy of that time image of the item.
4.Clack Museum
The yellowed old photos record the friendship between the Dwarfs and the United States. Especially during World War II, the Dwarfs’ experience in jungle survival helped the Americans, while saving and protecting them. Countless soldiers who suffered broken wings and injuries in the Pacific War. The influence of American civilization caused earth-shaking changes in the lives of Filipinos in the early 20th century. The wealthy among them wore American clothes, smoked American cigarettes, and ate American food. These important documents collected in the Clark Museum bear witness to the development history of the U.S. Air Force Base Clark.

5. Clark Historical and Cultural Park (Nayong Pilipino Clark)
Young men and girls wearing balongs performed traditional dances. Under the ancient trees, some people spread out huge leaves, painted Tumbang Preso (Tumbang Preso), Bull Jumping (Luksong-Baka), and Grabbed Coconut Shells (Sambunot)... ....These Filipino children's games that can be seen everywhere in the streets have been passed down from generation to generation despite war and passing time. Clark Historical and Cultural Park displays traditional Filipino culture, as well as many traditional dance and music performances, as well as Filipino-style and Spanish colonial architecture.
Address: Nayong Pilipino, Centennial Rd, Clark Field, Mabalacat, 2010 Pampanga

6. Clark Water World (Aqua Planet)
Officially opened in February this year, it is currently the largest water park in Southeast Asia, using the latest wireless technology With cash sensor bracelets for consumption, artificial wave pools, slides, surfing pools, and parent-child water play areas, there is not enough fun in the 14 parks in one day. The important thing is that compared to the crowded situation in China, there is no need to queue here, and the enjoyment index is rising.

7. Clark Golf Course (Mimosa golf)
One of the two 36-hole golf courses in Clark is a place that the world-renowned golf king Tiger Woods has also experienced and highly recommends.

(Sidebar) Adventure around Clark
1. Aerial driving
Now that you are at the air force base, of course you can’t miss the experience Air driving fun. There are many flying clubs near Clark. The Angeles City Flying Club, a 40-minute drive away, gives you the opportunity to fly a fixed-wing aircraft. For 3,000 pesos in 20 minutes, you can soar into the sky and overlook the panoramic view of Clark. Feel God’s perspective. If you are interested, we can also help you learn how to fly a plane and get a pilot's license.
Address: Angeles City Flying Club, Magalang, Central Luzon

2. Volcano Adventure
A place worth exploring for adventure lovers. In 1991, Mount Pinatubo experienced a major eruption, one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the world in the 20th century. It led to the closure of the Clark U.S. Air Force Base and the direct withdrawal of U.S. troops. Although it is still a dormant active volcano, volcanic exploration in the area has since become popular. Drive a four-wheel drive through streams and mountains. When you finally arrive, you will be shocked by the magnificent volcanic lake and experience the volcanic hot springs. A different taste from SPA. Address: Lake Pinatubo, Botolan, Central Luzon

Philippine Inter national Hot air Ballon Fiesta

If you arrive in Clark in February, don’t miss this annual 4-day event in the Philippines Today's International Hot Air Balloon Festival is the oldest event in Asia's history. It is recommended to charter a car and arrive at the venue in the early morning to watch the process of hot air balloon preparation to rising. There are also paragliders, fighter jets and music performances on site.
Published in the July 2019 issue of "Traveler Magazine", with deletions for publication


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