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Taste beauties from all over the world, Hong Kong is the city of romance you can never imagine

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It's strange these days. A lot of durian friends sent me private messages to listen to what I say about Hong Kong girls. Is it because I'm on holiday? Fortunately, I'm most familiar with Hong Kong. Because I travel abroad all year round, especially in Southeast Asia, I often have to transit in Hong Kong, or simply start from Hong Kong. Sometimes when I have enough time, I go to Hong Kong to shop. I've rung the doorbells of at least 100 houses in Hong Kong. Why are Hong Kong prostitutes so famous? Maybe it's because:

Hongkong-Taste beauties from all over the world, Hong Kong is the city of romance you can never imagine

1. Piao is legal in Hong Kong. It won't matter if a man is caught. Hong Kong law stipulates that it is legal for a man and a woman to engage in sexual transactions in a house. Therefore, as long as you don't gather to solicit prostitution, there is no problem at all. You don't have to worry about the police coming to trouble you.
2. The price of prostitutes is cheap, and the CP value is not low (high cost performance). It's really much cheaper than in the mainland.
3. The turnover rate of prostitutes is high, and there are many young people (health risks are also reduced)
4. The most important point is that Hong Kong prostitutes have big foreign horses, and they are cheap! (You don’t even have to go abroad!)

Main ways to play in Hong Kong

Let me first briefly talk about the ways to play in Hong Kong. In addition to house hunting, there are also

(1) Streetwalking
The representative place is Temple Street, but Hippo recommends not going to Temple Street. The overall feeling is too bad, there are streetwalkers and it’s expensive.

(2) Nightclubs
The representative place is Bowling Green Street. Most of the nightclubs on Bowling Green Street are in nightclubs. As long as the nightclub has 24 hours written on the archway, it is basically open. I heard from my friends that the price is around 420. I haven’t been there, so I won’t comment.

(3) Foot massage
Massage shops in Hong Kong generally have a sign with a foot painted on it, but there is also something about the foot. If there is a smiley face painted inside the foot, then congratulations, this is to tell you that this foot massage has special services. Speaking of this, this is a very interesting thing. Everyone in Hong Kong knows about this, but everyone knows it tacitly.

(4) People nearby on WeChat
The people nearby on WeChat in Hong Kong will not be agents, but depending on your location, you may find streetwalkers or prostitutes. For example, I added a few people nearby at Temple Street Hippo and chatted with them. They were all streetwalkers. Some offered 1,200 Hong Kong dollars, and some offered 1,800 Hong Kong dollars. It was not cost-effective. However, at Sheung Wan Hippo, all the prostitutes I added were prostitutes. They offered 500 Hong Kong dollars, which was very cost-effective. You can search for them while queuing at Jiuji Beef Brisket. The service is also good. If you want to be more secure, after adding people nearby on WeChat, you can go to the WeChat account evaluation website recommended by a great person before - Xiaoheishu, and search for the WeChat account evaluation of the agent. Also search to see which continent and country the girl you added is from, and how her service is evaluated. In Hong Kong, you can really enjoy girls from all over the world~

(5) Building prostitutes
Buildings in Hong Kong are called "buildings", but they are actually ordinary residential buildings. In fact, if you look at the door, you can infer whether there are building prostitutes in this "building", because the doors of buildings with building prostitutes are generally unlocked or there are no doors at all, and the frequency of people entering and leaving will be much higher than that of ordinary "buildings" with locked doors. Remember this tip from Hippo~

Buildings worth sweeping and buildings not worth sweeping

Back to the topic, the buildings swept by Hippo include Fa Li, Fu Lok, Hing Lung, Kam Pang, Shao An, St. Ann, Jian Xing, Fuji, Wu Bao, He Yi, Feng Ming, Hua Mei, Ba Zhen, Xin Xing, Fu Rong Street, Fu Hua Street, Apliu Street, etc. If you have the opportunity to go to Hong Kong, you can choose a few of them at will. If you are not experienced enough, Hippo suggests that you can start from the following places to experience:

1. Fuji Building (Causeway Bay)

This is the most famous building in the downtown area, and you must go to Causeway Bay in Hong Kong (shopping! Of course not to find Chen Haonan...)

Fuji Building has the best hardware facilities. The staircase walkway is clean and odorless. The floors are very high, from the 22nd floor down. Because it is very famous, many people line up at the staircase, but there are many big horses. Big horses are almost 800 Hong Kong dollars, which is about 700 yuan. Compared with the mainland big horses, at least 2k is the base or RMB, which is considered super value. Of course, big horses can have two cups of tea for 1500 Hong Kong dollars. Almost all other floors cost 600 Hong Kong dollars. Fuji Building has 22 floors, and it is the only elevator with up and down buttons... This is very important... Those who don't understand will know it after going there...

In Fuji Building, there are many people and the return rate is also high, so those who have been there have to go up and down twice to find the girl they missed before, which tests the physical strength of all durian friends. There are many good girls in the whole floor. The one that impressed Hippo the most was the girl on the left side of the 21st floor. Her small tiger teeth were very cute. There was a girl on the 15th floor who was wearing a nurse uniform that day. The temptation was off the charts. There is a floor dedicated to the best, and there are several very good ones on that floor, similar to the floor for brushing god clothes in online games.

2. Jianxing Building (97 Garden Street, Mongkok, Mongkok)

Jianxing Building used to be very famous in Mongkok, but it was recently fired, so there are fewer prostitutes. The point is that there are no prostitutes recently, and the prices of Southeast Asian prostitutes have increased, all of which are 500-600 Hong Kong dollars. Jianxing Building has 14 floors, but there may be less than 6 floors with prostitutes. Only the 7th floor and above are occupied, and there are no people below the 7th floor, a total of 13 floors. At present, this building has declined, it is very shabby, and it feels shaky. There are probably only a few households on the 8th floor in the whole building. The girls hold on to this last position for the original glory. I went there late that day, and there were customers. I had no idea about the quality. Hippo felt that there was no need to waste money to go to Jianxing Building unless you were near Mongkok.

3. Ho Yi Building (Causeway Bay)

Yes, it is Causeway Bay again, so you know why Causeway Bay was a must-go place for young and dangerous people before. Ho Yi Building is near Fuji. You will pass by it first when you get out of the subway. You can scan it first and then go to Fuji. It costs 500-600 Hong Kong dollars. It is also on the 10th floor and there are many building ladies.

There are a few more, such as Fat Lee Building (Yau Tsim Mong). The building is in the shape of a letter "ㄇ". Sometimes you will feel dizzy. I don't know if you have pressed the bell. It costs 500-600 Hong Kong dollars. There are 8 floors, but there are so many building ladies on each floor, maybe because there are too many units. In addition, I don't recommend going to Fengming Building (Wan Chai). It is expensive and the quality is not good. I don't want to go there again after scanning it once. If you want to go, there are only 3rd and 5th floors. It is relatively concentrated. There are about 30 in total, including Thai and fake Japanese ones. It seems that they are all priced at 500. The price is not proportional to the quality. I don't recommend going to Wubao Building (Yau Tsim Mong) either. The maids are all old and will recommend a full set of massages for 400-600 Hong Kong dollars.

Apliu Street, Fuk Wing Street, and Fuk Wah Street are all old apartments with no elevators, but the maids are all on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and the quality of the maids is the worst. They are old, fat, and ugly, and the environment is also bad. If you have a lot of time and are curious, you can go and have a look.

Hippo sweeping tips Q&A time

1. After talking for so long, how to sweep the floor?
Sweeping the floor is still quite particular: the elevator directly presses the highest floor and sweeps down slowly. If there is a sign at the door saying please press the bell or welcome, don't be polite and press it directly. If there is no sign or a sign saying please wait, don't press it! During the scanning process, if you see a good one, you must write down her floor and unit, such as B3 on the 9th floor. Otherwise, you will definitely forget it after you have walked through all of them and seen dozens of building sisters. And when the building sister opens the door, don't just look at her for 0.5 seconds and then move away. This is also the time to practice courage (practice the courage to look at women). Hippo will look at the building sister's eyes for 1-2 seconds, and then slowly move his eyes down to scan the neck, chest, waist, lower body, and legs. Sometimes I will ask her to turn around or stand sideways to show me, and almost all the building sisters are very obedient and do it.

2. When to scan?
Generally, the working hours of the building sisters are from 2-3 pm to 9-10 pm. It is recommended to go between 2 pm and 5 pm to avoid peak hours. Otherwise, when it is time to get off work or school, not only are there many customers looking for sex, but many doors have signs saying "please wait" and you can't choose carefully.

3. What kind of people go to scan?
The most are locals, and there are also mainlanders, foreigners, Japanese, and Koreans. And many of them look like young people, and it seems that they have never had sex. There are also many uncles.

4. If you see someone you like?
Press the bell, and the girl opens the door for you to "look at" her. If you like her, ask her the price. She almost never bargains. Hippo sometimes asks her where she is from. For example, if someone claims to be from Taiwan, the price may be higher. Hippo talks to her in poor Hokkien, and the truth is revealed immediately.

If the price, appearance, and figure are all OK, go into the room, take off your clothes, or chat with the girl and help her take off her clothes, but they are in a hurry and take off their clothes quickly. Then take a bath together. The girl will help you wash your penis, only the foreign girl will not take a bath together. After washing and drying your body, the girl will ask you to lie on the bed and start to suck your penis with a condom. After sucking for a few minutes, your penis will be almost hard, and the girl will sit on it and start shaking, but Hippo personally doesn't like it very much, because it feels that they are in a hurry to shake violently, and will quickly disarm you, so when she wants to sit on it, Hippo usually asks her to lie down, and everything starts to control the rhythm by me~~~

5. How long is appropriate?
Generally, it takes 30 minutes to enter and leave the room, but according to Hippo's observation, many people come out in 10 or 20 minutes, but Hippo thinks this is not cost-effective, so Hippo usually comes slowly, reciting the multiplication table while inserting, so slowly that the big mama asks me why I haven't delivered yet, and the Thai girl asks me when I will finish...

After delivering, the building sister will not be affectionate with you, but will directly get up and go to the bathroom, and then the two will take a bath together. At this time, the big mama will take a bath together, dry and put on clothes after washing, and the hippo will chat. If you see a good one, ask them for their WeChat, and they will usually give it, and then pay and leave. Note that the big mama usually pays first.

6. Where are the building sisters from?
70% to 80% of the building sisters are from the mainland, and some buildings are almost all Vietnamese or Thai. Remember, if you meet Thai girls, be careful of transvestites! In fact, you can tell them by looking with the naked eye and listening to the sound. The others are sporadic Hong Kong girls, Koreans, Taiwanese and Japanese. The big mama are mostly from Russia, and there are also Europeans and Americans.

Oh, I forgot to mention a very important point, one thing is to pay attention to your clothes and appearance! There is a surveillance camera in Sister Lou's room, and you can see what the guests outside look like and what clothes they wear. Once, an uncle rang the doorbell, and Hippo followed him to see. After waiting for dozens of seconds, the door was not opened. The uncle got impatient and left. Not long after he left, the door opened. I asked Sister Lou why she didn't open it, and she said that the man looked dirty. Another interesting time, Hippo asked how much a foreign horse cost, and she said 800, but I wanted to see other ones. When I came back to ring the doorbell, there was actually an uncle standing at her door. I heard her reply 2000, and I was puzzled, but I didn't want to hesitate anymore for fear of being a younger brother again, so I rushed into the door and asked her, didn't you just say 800? How did she become 2000? She smiled and told me that the uncle was too old...

Let me talk about some girls who left a deep impression on me

1. A Russian girl, shaved very clean, 23 years old, 160cm, breasts are unlikely to be only C cup, slim figure, blonde, blue eyes, smile very sweetly, so sweet that my penis is directly hard, sucking my penis is the deepest that Hippo has ever encountered, it feels like she sucked her throat, her screams are not as loud as those in adult movies, such as "fuck me baby", she is more reserved, she doesn't scream when she wants to, which I like very much, she feels like a girlfriend, she looks like a white-skinned movie heroine, super hot, just like a model.

2. A Thai girl, Hippo asked her to show me her passport, afraid that she was a transvestite, 26 years old, 160cm, shaved, long hair to waist, white skin, smile very sweetly, breasts should be plastic surgery, with tattoos, she would use her breasts to rub Hippo's body when bathing together, so coquettish!

3. A Hong Kong girl, with personality and very beautiful, like Jia Jingwen, but a little older, maybe 35-38 years old. However, the charm of a mature woman made Hippo fall in love at first sight. When I saw her in the corridor, I saw her talking to other building ladies. I thought she was the landlord or something, and she was wearing an office worker's suit, as if she just got off work. I mustered up the courage to ask her, "Do you have one too?" She said yes, so Hippo asked her about her floor unit. After a quick glance, he was not satisfied and went to find her directly. I miss her the most until now. That's her...

4. Miss from the mainland, because Hippo sometimes has high standards and will not do it just for the sake of doing it, so they must be carefully selected, and the mainland girls are all pretty good-looking...

5. Miss from Xinjiang in the mainland, the breasts of Xinjiang girls are the softest that Hippo has ever rubbed... It's really comfortable~

Many friends love foreign girls the most~~~ But Hippo thinks that foreign girls sometimes lack some interest and are relatively rigid due to language barriers, so don't expect too much pleasure. If you are curious and want to experience it, you can try it.

Hippo briefly summarizes:

1. Price
The price of the building girls is basically around 500, and even the foreign girls are not more than 1000, all in Hong Kong dollars. So don't go to Temple Street if you have nothing to do, it's easy to be ripped off, and the quality of streetwalkers is generally poor.

2. Service
They all take a shower first, then put on a condom and blow a few times, then pick up the gun and get on the horse, and take a shower after the end. The time is 30 minutes, and you can add more time if you exceed it. 500 is the full package, one time, you can masturbate, and it counts as one time, but if you masturbate too quickly, the good girls will ignore it. Generally, the services of the prostitutes are like this. There is no better service. At most, it is uniform temptation or stockings, which require extra money, but remember! In Hong Kong, 3P or double flying is illegal and not allowed!

3. Safety
What everyone is most worried about is whether they will get sick. Some studies have reported that prostitutes are not easy to get sexually transmitted diseases. Instead, they are mostly brought to them by clients, and most of them are caused by not using or using condoms incorrectly. Hong Kong prostitutes are more strict and require you to wear condoms, which is safer.

4. About the labels written on the prostitutes' doors
There are many labels written on the prostitutes' doors, but you can't believe them completely. Most of them are advertising. You can only say that you can upgrade by experience, look at their eyes, posture, voice, posture, and most importantly, you can tell whether she is a veteran or a novice at the moment she opens the door (those who understand will know what hippo means).

Finally, let me say something about the precautions. There are cameras in the houses of Hong Kong building girls, so don't do anything out of line outside. If you go to these buildings, you can see that many buildings have photos of piaochao posted in obvious places inside the entrance. These piaochao are not paying, stealing things, abusing or knocking on the door to play with the girls. It's a bit like the website Xiaoheishu recommended by the previous big brother. It's just that the photos posted in the building are all negative. Hippo doesn't want to see photos of durian friends in the building one day. To put it bluntly, when playing in Hong Kong, as long as you don't do anything illegal, it's a paradise for experienced drivers!

Hong Kong is really a place that makes people indulge in luxury!

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