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Traveling to Hong Kong alone to explore the meaning of travel

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It is said that many people will cancel their trips, especially when traveling abroad, if they don't have friends with them. Indeed, when you are alone in a strange land, you hear all kinds of languages ​​you don't understand, and you feel confused and scared as if you are falling into a weightless space. At this time, if there is an acquaintance around you, you will feel at ease for some reason. However, because of fear, you hold on to your friends tightly when you go out, and act like you don't want to be approached by strangers. Basically... you also cut off the opportunity to meet new friends during the trip. Imagine from the perspective of other solo travelers, no one wants to get in between friends who are traveling together.

Of course, making friends is not my main purpose of traveling. Most of the time, I enjoy being alone and quietly hidden in a strange city. I just said that traveling alone will open up space to meet like-minded friends. Thinking further, traveling with friends is not necessarily a good thing. If you don't keep pace with each other, you need to accommodate and tolerate each other to avoid unpleasantness. If these small problems accumulate, it is possible that the whole trip will be ruined. This doesn't sound like something I want to encounter during my trip. Most importantly, I don't want to not do what I want to do because no one is going with me.

Hongkong-Traveling to Hong Kong alone to explore the meaning of travel

What is the meaning of traveling? Sometimes I stare blankly at the crowds on the streets of Hong Kong, and I feel that I am just watching other people immersed in life in a different place. But during the short stay, I clearly know that I am just a passer-by, so I can watch their lives without judgment. This miraculously relaxes people and makes them feel like they have woken up from a numb life. It would be great if I could look at the people and things around me in this way in a familiar place, but it's a pity that I was too immersed in the drama.

Hongkong-Traveling to Hong Kong alone to explore the meaning of travel

I took a leave to go to Hong Kong for business and travel during work, but it was only three days. But during those three days, I felt that my boss's out-of-control mania and the bottleneck of work were just like the past. I seemed to be separated from that environment by a century. They would not easily pull me into it, and I could look at and think about work objectively and calmly.

I was always entangled in it and dared not make a decision, but I was afraid of what to do if I quit my job and suddenly lost my income. It was also during that period that I roughly understood what to do. Just like my mother's words that were like a stroke of genius, work is not everything in life.

Hongkong-Traveling to Hong Kong alone to explore the meaning of travel

I thought I wouldn't like big cities, but the prosperity and indifference of Hong Kong made me feel comfortable, even if I was standing on the street in a dress and eating pancakes, no one would look at me. I don't know where the confidence came from. I used to speak English whenever I had the chance, and when foreigners opened the door for me in Hong Kong, I would naturally say thank you in Chinese. When facing young people from various countries in the hostel, I would also say my Chinese name, leaving them with their clumsy repetitions, "I'll try, I'm not sure if I can pronounce it correctly." What's even more amazing is that I used to feel that everyone in the world was using WeChat. Whether on the subway or in the company, almost everyone would take it out from time to time and constantly check WeChat, but in Hong Kong I can't remember to use it at all, and I feel bored when I open it. I feel that both this app and most of the people in it are very far away from me.

Hongkong-Traveling to Hong Kong alone to explore the meaning of travel

Since I was already in Hong Kong, I went to Macau. It was not because they were close, but because I felt that I had stepped on the land that was once out of reach and only seen in books or movies. The seeds of imagination were no longer unreal, but could be achieved with hard work. Wandering aimlessly in the streets and alleys of Macau, in addition to Venice in the Truman Show, the deepest impression Macau left on me was that cars would give way to pedestrians. As long as someone stood on the side of the road, the car would stop, without exception.

Although I felt at the beginning that it was worthy of being Macau, the quality of the drivers was really high, but this led me to speed up and jog in order not to delay the driver's time, and I completely lost the calmness and ease of crossing the zebra crossing. I fell asleep tiredly on the ferry back to Hong Kong. When I woke up, I saw the dim and endless sea in front of me. I was about to embark on the return journey. I wanted to continue in a familiar environment, and the perception that I was a passerby that I gained during the trip, so that I could look at things more relaxedly and objectively.


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