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My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan

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Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan

Someone left a message online, asking me to write a Tokyo travel guide to guide his trip to Japan. I can indeed write a guide, and as long as you avoid all the practices in my guide, you can successfully enjoy Tokyo.

To sum up my 5-day, 4-night trip to Tokyo and Hakone, the key word is "lost". The lost here has two meanings, one is getting lost, and the other is being addicted.

Getting lost in Tokyo is actually nothing new. For someone like me who even goes to the wrong building when going home, it is normal to be confused by Tokyo's complex transportation system (trams, subways, express trains, slow trains, even if you stand on the same side of the platform, different trains pass by at different times).

Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
Take the Odakyu Line Electric Railway, you must take it to Hakone and Kamakura.
Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
Chihiro and the Faceless Man seem to be taking the Odakyu Line too, haha!
My little friend, the beautiful lady, once volunteered to lead the way, but the result was not beautiful. After she took me lost twice in a row, I finally became the tour guide for this trip. After this training, I found that I was not a hopeless road idiot. I had great potential, but my previous travel companions did not let me use it. If I have the opportunity to travel with the beautiful lady more often, I believe I will definitely upgrade from a roadie to a roadmaster.
Interruption: Friends, this shows that when a weak chicken meets an even weaker weak chicken, he will be forced to become a strong one. I suggest that you apply this principle to all aspects of life. For example, if you want to cure your partner's lazy cancer, you should let yourself become a terminal patient of lazy cancer.
Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
Put a photo of me and Da Meili

Getting lost is not entirely a bad thing. It gives me more opportunities to communicate with Japanese people. I have heard before that Japanese people speak English like they speak Japanese. After arriving in Japan, I discovered: Japanese people only speak Japanese at all! Our conversation was like a lyric from this year's hit single "Planet Falling": "Two figures are acting in comedy, one in the east and one in the west."

Even if I use the simplest English words, in exchange for He still looked confused. Of course, some people could speak simple English, such as: GO THIS WAY, but after he finished speaking, the friends around him laughed wildly, as if he was telling a joke.
Even though our communication was like performing a comedy, the politeness of Japanese people impressed me. When they knew nothing about the address I asked about, they could just shake their heads and walk away, but they always stopped to search for it on their mobile phones, studied it some more, and then pointed it out to me, as if they didn't want to show me the way. It's like I'm sorry.
When a friend traveled to Tokyo, she asked a courier who was riding a bicycle for directions. The courier parked the bicycle directly on the side of the road and took my friend several hundred meters away, which made her panic. I am afraid that the car left on the roadside will be stolen or the items in the car will be lost.
The Japanese seem to regard giving directions as an "obligation". To us, this is an "overdone" politeness, just like the Japanese always like to bow when speaking. This kind of politeness is extremely contagious. In the words of the beautiful lady, after arriving in Tokyo, people suddenly became more nodding and bowing.
Politeness is like a mirror. When the other person treats you very politely, you will naturally not be cold-hearted. The thing I say most in Japan is thank you. The Japanese probably spend every day thanking each other!
Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
Near Sensoji Temple

Some people explain that the reason why the Japanese are overly polite is that the population density in Japan is too high. They must learn how to get along, learn to respect others, and avoid conflicts in order to live their own lives. Smoother. I think it makes sense. The subway in Japan is very crowded during rush hours, but no one gets upset because they are squeezed.
Looking at my country, which is famous for its vast land and abundant resources, disputes and even fights often occur on the subway, so much so that people who take the subway become numb to it. I once wrote a novel called Beijing Subway Murders, which was inspired by a bloody dispute I witnessed on the subway. The essence of a dispute is to only consider oneself and completely ignore the situation of the other party.
The essence of politeness is to consider others and not cause trouble to others. It is also the nemesis of disputes. If you are on the subway, when someone squeezes you, you can understand that there are too many people, and the other person did not mean it; if you squeeze the other person, and the other person coldly says: "What are you pushing for?", you can say: "I'm sorry." , I accidentally squeezed you." instead of "What's wrong with the squeeze? Don't go on the subway if you're afraid of being squeezed!" You can successfully resolve a conflict.
Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
The torii gate built by Hakone Shrine on Lake Ashi is a famous photo spot. This picture comes from the Internet and the author is unknown.
Japanese people are recognized as being law-abiding. Teacher Xiao Dagen once said in the program that they all lined up in long lines to take out the trash after watching the concert. Therefore, after the Japanese concert venue is cleared, it will be so clean that the cleaning lady will shed tears. After a concert in my country, the cleaning lady will also cry because the place is a mess and she has to stay up late to clean it up again.
The torii gate built by Hakone Shrine on Lake Ashi is a famous attraction, and many people come here to take pictures. (Insert a knowledge point: There are torii gates in Japanese shrines, which are shaped like an opening and the color is the color of the material. Some are painted vermilion, such as Hakone Shrine and Meiji Shrine. Torii gates are used to distinguish the residences of humans and the residences of gods. There are different opinions on why it is called a torii gate. One theory is to prevent birds from flying into the shrine, so the torii gate is built to allow them to rest here.)

You can only take photos of strangers in such a famous place in the motherland. The effect of taking a group photo, but in Japan, people line up in an orderly manner and take pictures one by one. I waited for more than 20 minutes to take the photo. Unfortunately, the frame of the mobile phone is not enough. The beautiful lady tried her best, but only the following photo was taken. The effect, I feel sorry for my time!
Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
A photo of the torii gate by the lake that has lost all its beauty

Everyone who has been to Japan talks about how clean it is. For example, wearing white shoes for a week will still make them look dirty. They are as white as ever. For example, after walking for a day, you will find that the soles of your shoes are still clean. I have never worn any white shoes here, nor have I ever carefully observed the soles of my shoes. As a toilet freak, I am a fan of Japanese toilets.
In domestic public toilets with dense traffic such as stations and scenic spots, not only are urine often splashed on the floor, but it is also very sticky to the feet, and the smell can make people cry. This is not the case in Japan, no matter how much traffic there is The floors of the densely packed public toilets are very dry, there is no obvious odor, and there is no urine splashing near the toilets.
Most of the toilets here are toilets. Some places will put cleaning fluid in the toilet to facilitate people to clean the toilet seat. Most of these toilets have water spray settings for automatically cleaning the buttocks. In a B&B where I stayed in Hakone, the toilet was more intelligent. As soon as the toilet door was opened, the toilet lid would open automatically.
The Japanese's cleanliness is reflected in all aspects of life: every time I go to a convenience store to buy food, the clerk will put wet wipes in my bag;

Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
Lawson Convenience Wet wipes from the store

I went to the mall with a beautiful lady and found a store with good lipsticks. I was going to try the color. When trying lipsticks in China, you either have to apply the lipstick that countless people have wiped on your mouth directly to your mouth, or you can only put it on your mouth. Lipstick is applied on the back of the hand, but in Japan, I found disposable lipstick sticks on the counter;

Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
Disposable lipstick sticks and cotton pads

At the shrine, I saw Many people gathered at the drinking area to drink water. There were many small water ladles there. After everyone picked up the water ladle, they did not drink it with their mouths, but poured the water into their hands to drink. At first I thought it was a temple. A custom, but later I found out that this is about hygiene!
The most famous specialty of Owakudani Scenic Area is black eggs (it is said that eating one black egg can extend your life by 7 years. I ate three of them. The taste is not significantly different from ordinary eggs. To put it bluntly, I didn’t eat it at all. What's the difference?) When eating black eggs, everyone stood around a white table with a plastic basin on the table to hold the peeled eggshells. The cleaning lady comes every once in a while to clean the table and take out the trash, keeping the table clean and putting the diners in a good mood. (A dirty table really affects my mood when eating eggs!)

Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
It is said that eating one black egg can add 7 years to your life. I ate three! The taste is not significantly different from regular eggs.
There are several lively streets near the Kaminarimon Gate of Sensoji Temple, a bit like Nanluogu Alley in Beijing. There are shops selling delicious food everywhere. In front of each shop there is a group of people eating delicious food. At first I was wondering why I didn’t eat while walking. Well, we are all like this in China. Later I found a sign in front of the store: Please finish eating in front of our store before shopping.
(Speaking of Asakusa, I would like to add a personal story: When I was watching Keigo Higashino's "The New Gatherer", I was attracted by the Ningyo-yaki that Officer Kaga likes to eat. The store where Officer Kaga likes to eat is in Ningyo-cho. I didn’t have the chance to go there this time, but I saw many shops selling Ningyo-yaki near Sensoji Temple, and I took a photo of a master making Ningyo-yaki while Zhang Meili was getting her hair done at the kimono rental place. )

Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
The snack that attracts me the most to Sensoji Temple is Ningyoyaki. This is a century-old shop right opposite Sensoji Temple!
Japan’s cleanliness and tidiness are created by every little detail! This is a country that pays attention to details and takes into full consideration the needs of everyone. Let’s take the toilet as an example. Every squatting pit I saw at Haneda Airport has a railing in front of it. Elderly people who have trouble getting up after using the toilet or whose back legs are numb after squatting for a long time can grab the railing and stand up. How can you not love this kind of design?
Chinese people like to go shopping in Japan. Even I, who don’t like shopping, went crazy shopping in Japan. I even bought a trolley suitcase to hold the things I bought. After dragging two trolley suitcases back, , my arms are swollen.
Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
I forgot to take the unboxing photo, so I had to take another one N days after I came back. It seems like I didn’t buy much!
Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
Actually, I love supermarkets more. If I couldn’t carry them any more, I would buy more Japanese seasonings

Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
I saw this wooden long I really can't control my hands when handling the pot.
Why am I so crazy? It’s really because Japanese cosmetics developers love us lazy people so much. I bought a KOSE multi-functional mask. The effect of one sheet is = lotion + lotion + essence + cream. In other words, as long as I apply one sheet of mask, I can use it. You can go to bed without wiping anything; there is also a makeup remover wipe that you can just use to wipe your face without washing your face or applying makeup before you can go to bed directly. The most important thing is that the price is very friendly to the poor. A mask with such multiple functions only costs a few yuan.
Some people say that the travel plans of people who have been to Japan in the next five years are: Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan and Japan. This is not true at all. If I had to give one piece of advice to my friends who are planning to go to Japan, it would be: try to arrange the travel time as long as possible. 5 days and 4 nights like mine are really not enough! Also, please prepare money, the beautiful lady’s credit card is maxed out!
Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan
I bought a yukata near Sensoji Temple. It looks like a samurai, right? It seems more harmonious to replace the bag in hand with a big knife. Hahaha.
Final additions:
1. To make matters worse, I have activated roaming and used the domestic network. After arriving in Japan, Google software cannot be used and I can only use Baidu Maps. It is fine in Tokyo and is basically the same in Hakone. It failed.
2. When taking the Tokyo subway, let the bullets fly for a while. For example, I was looking for a sign for a subway line, but I didn’t see it. Later, after walking a few dozen meters, I saw the sign for that line. .
3. When visiting Hakone, you must buy a free pass, which is convenient and cost-effective.
4. When visiting Hakone Owakudani, I impulsively bought several hundred yuan worth of snacks. Carrying them was quite heavy, which made me very tired during the rest of the trip. Actually, I don’t like eating Japanese sweets very much. Their biggest feature is their sweetness, which can last for half a year after one bite. Ningyo yaki is not too sweet. There are many places selling university taro near Sensoji Temple. It’s actually shredded taro, and it’s still very sweet. Tired and crooked. However, the ice cream is delicious and has a super milky flavor, and the "blueberry + vinegar" mixed drink at Sky Tree is also super delicious. Friendly reminder: If you want to bring delicious food to your friends, don’t buy it in scenic spots. It’s expensive and the taste may not be in line with Chinese tastes. It’s still heavy to carry. Just buy it directly at the airport, such as White Lovers or Three Brothers French Fries. All are good choices.
5. I obviously feel that I don’t have enough time in Japan. I went there in autumn and it got dark before 6 o’clock in the evening. Shopping malls closed at about 8 or 9 o’clock, and drug stores closed at 10 o’clock. Many attractions in Hakone are unavailable after 4:30, so we recommend that you arrange your time accordingly.
6. I shot a lot of videos in Japan. Interested friends can follow my Douyin account: 383842061
Tokyo-My 5 days and 4 nights trip to Tokyo and Hakone, 2 girls traveled together in Japan


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