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Nightlife guide for the main red-light districts in the Philippines

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People living near the equator are mostly lazy. The hot climate makes people lose their energy to do too much, and lazy people are mostly mild-tempered, especially in democratic places, where they are warm and hospitable (except Indonesia).

The Philippines and Thailand are representative countries in the equatorial region, and they are also well-known in Southeast Asia. Whether it is tourism or culture, they attract many people. But today, let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about what men are most interested in - the red-light district in the Philippines.

Clark/Angel City-Nightlife guide for the main red-light districts in the Philippines

Unlike the short nosed, dark-skinned Thai girls in Thailand, Filipino girls are more open, more enthusiastic, and more beautiful. Due to their special colonial history, there are more mixed-race girls. Nowadays, many high-end nightclubs in the Philippines are filled with a large number of Filipino girls of white descent. Mixed-race girls with fair skin and deep facial features have become the signature of women in this country, and have won awards in international beauty pageants on behalf of the Philippines.

Around the capital Manila, there is a holy place in the minds of European and American men - Angel City, also known as the Sex City. It is said to be the largest red-light district in Asia. Many white people linger here and have fun every night. Angel City at night is completely different from Angel City during the day. At night, it is full of ambiguous pink, and different styles of music reveal the same meaning. Girls in revealing clothes are eagerly watching you and looking forward to your visit. Among all the visiting guests, the largest number is Australians, followed by Americans, followed by Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese, but you will never see a Filipino. As for the reason, it may be too expensive.

Of course, expensive is relative. If you want to take a Filipino girl from here, in addition to a part of the tip to the nightclub, the normal price for the girl is 3,000 pesos, about 400 yuan. This price can be for a night or an hour. The key is whether you can impress her (don't ask me how I know, there are too many single Chinese men here). This price is still very favorable compared to China, and most of the girls here are gentle and considerate. They will serve well after taking the money, and rarely fool around.

Clark/Angel City-Nightlife guide for the main red-light districts in the Philippines

But in the daytime, when the lights and music stop, it's a different scene. To avoid the heat, there are few foreigners on the street, and the girls in the nightclubs are busy with their own things, either working part-time, going back to school, or taking care of their children.

In addition to Angeles City, there are many places with meaningful names in Manila: Little Tokyo, Korea Street, etc. These places also have red-light districts. Near Manila Bay, there is a place called Malati, which is also quite famous. It is another red-light district, and many store signs in this red-light district are in Chinese. You will understand without me explaining it!


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