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Liuhe Night Market, a gathering place for Taiwanese night market roadside restaurants and food

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The "Fang Ji Dumplings" of the former No. 1 Night Market in Taiwan - Kaohsiung Liuhe Night Market

Today, H&S introduces Kaohsiung, the largest city in southern Taiwan. Kaohsiung is also famous for its night market. If we really compare the food between the north and the south, I personally think that Kaohsiung is more stringent. Because the prices in Kaohsiung are lower than those in Taipei, and the pace is slower, the pace of life is not fast, and people are often more leisurely. In this case, people will be used to comparing food. So in Kaohsiung, if the taste of your stall is just average, you should have a hard time, and many even withdraw it, because they think there are better ones, why should they make do? At least time is not urgent, so there will be differences in the eating habits and conditions between the north and the south.
Taiwan-Liuhe Night Market, a gathering place for Taiwanese night market roadside restaurants and food

Because the pace is fast in Taipei today, everyone is based on the principle that it is good to eat and not unpalatable. The food in the south is sweeter, while in the north it is more moderate. The food we introduce today is the "Liuhe International Tourist Night Market" located in the city center. It has a history of at least 71 years in Kaohsiung and is the most representative and earliest night market in Kaohsiung. Although some night markets have surpassed it now, such as Zuoying "Ruifeng Night Market". Others don't lose it either. However, it is also the night market with the longest operating hours in Kaohsiung, and the stalls are completely closed at about 2 to 3 o'clock in the middle of the night.
Taiwan-Liuhe Night Market, a gathering place for Taiwanese night market roadside restaurants and food

It is also one of the must-visit night market attractions for mainland Chinese, and it is also very popular among mainland Chinese. However, due to the opening of cross-strait tourism exchanges, "Liuhe International Tourist Night Market" has almost become a must-see for mainland Chinese. Mainstream consumption has changed, so the flow of stalls has also changed accordingly. Because there are some dietary differences between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, and it has become more tourist-oriented, many famous stalls that are not suitable for mainland tastes have left one after another, but those that are suitable continue to operate.
Taiwan-Liuhe Night Market, a gathering place for Taiwanese night market roadside restaurants and food

The protagonist this time is the "Fangji Dumplings" located on the right hand side of the front of the "Liuhe International Tourist Night Market". I have been eating it since I was young. This "Fang Kee Dumplings" has a history of at least more than 40 years. Given the consumption level in the south at that time, the price of this "Fang Kee Dumplings" was not cheap. In the early days, twenty or thirty years ago, a dumpling in the south cost about two to three yuan, and they were big. But this "Fangji Dumplings" has always maintained a petite and exquisite shape, and it is 4.5 yuan a piece. Now it is 5 yuan a piece. The size is still the same, but to be honest, for me who has eaten it since I was young and middle-aged, I really feel Its taste has changed a bit.
Taiwan-Liuhe Night Market, a gathering place for Taiwanese night market roadside restaurants and food

I am deeply afraid of pork, so the meat filling must be processed very carefully. I don’t like to bite into pieces of meat or tendons, or even smell of fat. This makes me... The taste of fear. But the "Fang Kee Dumpling" is the only one that I admire so much. And every time I go to Kaohsiung, I will definitely eat here and it has never changed. Why do I say the taste has changed a bit? It's just that I think his meat filling has become more chunky and not as delicate as before. But it's still delicious to me. Moreover, it is made with white leeks and pork. Most of the dumplings on the market currently use cabbage and pork. Perhaps "Fangji Dumplings" has always maintained the principle of white leeks and pork, which creates its unique taste and makes it last forever. In addition, its uniqueness is the second most important filling of dumplings, the dough. Its dough is very elastic and smooth, unlike many doughs that taste thick and elastic, sticky and not slippery. It takes care of the two most important aspects of dumplings, so you know it can last for forty years. The above is not just for fame and reputation.
Taiwan-Liuhe Night Market, a gathering place for Taiwanese night market roadside restaurants and food

The signboard is pink with white fonts on the two large dumplings. In addition, it has a special production feature. Most stalls have prepared the quantity to be sold today, so The finished products are all prepared and then placed in the refrigerator, and then taken out and cooked when customers order. However, "Fang Kee Dumplings" are stuffed and made on the spot, so the ingredients are ready-made and fresh. They will never be stored in the refrigerator due to over-production and then sold the next day. This will affect the texture and taste of the ingredients to some extent. So I remember that every time I went to the "Liuhe International Tourist Night Market", many mainland tourists would be stunned by the staff making stuffing on site, and then curiously go to the arcade to order a few to eat. Then I met a mainland customer who asked me if I could order five. The boss said: At least ten. Because many mainland tourists want to taste the many delicacies at the "Liuhe International Tourist Night Market", they eat a little here and there. After all, the early "Liuhe International Tourist Night Market" is a real food stall that is famous throughout Taiwan.
Taiwan-Liuhe Night Market, a gathering place for Taiwanese night market roadside restaurants and food

However, one thing that is true from my local perspective is that the famous stalls in Liuhe Night Market continue to operate, but there are really many other famous stalls and delicacies. Compared with the early days, there is really a big gap. In addition, the replaced stalls have really become tourist-oriented stalls, with many delicacies that are repetitive and have lost their originality, which is really a pity. Coupled with the globalization of the epidemic, there are no tourists now, and the "Liuhe International Tourist Night Market" seems a bit lonely. However, there is still an endless stream of customers at "Fang Kee Dumplings". Although I can't say that it is always overcrowded, considering the current business climate, he is still outstanding and has not closed his stall due to the epidemic, because this time I really saw it. Many stalls have also been closed.
Taiwan-Liuhe Night Market, a gathering place for Taiwanese night market roadside restaurants and food

But no matter what the future holds, the epidemic will always clear up. I believe that when the world can fully reopen this night market for tourism, you really have to seize the opportunity to eat at this night market that is loved by mainlanders. A plate of dumplings. The pork ribs noodles next door and the "Tunyu Fish Soup Noodles" diagonally opposite in front of "Watson's" are also one of the most representative delicacies of "Liuhe International Tourist Night Market". I will introduce them today. By the way, since you are here If you go to Kaohsiung's "Liuhe International Tourist Night Market", you can also go to Zuoying's "Ruifeng Night Market", which is currently the most popular in Kaohsiung. Maybe you can compare the differences. And now many night markets can use Alipay to pay for consumption. That’s it for today, don’t forget that there is a stall called “Fang Kee Dumplings” about fifty meters to the left of the entrance.
Business hours: PM17:30~AM02:00
(Although there are no public holidays, I have encountered it a few times that it is not open, and it may not be open when it rains heavily before opening)
Address: Kaohsiung No. 23, Liuhe 2nd Road, Xinxing District, City


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