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Live Burlesque Experience at Toyo Show, Asakusa Rockza and ROKUSAN ANGEL Club

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This time, I went to Osaka and Tokyo to watch the Japanese version of Burlesque and experience the nightlife of Japan's big cities. Although we have seen many shows in the United States, the content of Japan has shocked me for the whole year. One is the scale of the show, and the other is the unique fan atmosphere in Japan.

🌟 Toyo show - Osaka
There are about 5-6 girls, each singing and dancing for 15 minutes, and they all show generously at the end of the song. When the show reaches the extreme part, the uncle fans will applaud
After each girl's performance, she will come back to thank everyone. At this time, the audience can give tips if they want. Many fan uncles carefully wrap the tips in a small white bag and hand them to the girls with both hands.
In the intermission, you can also pay money to take pictures with the girls. You can also choose the style and dress you want... and the Japanese uncles have really rich ideas...
No taking pictures in the whole venue
Audience: 6:1 men and women
Buy tickets: Buy directly when you arrive

🌟 Asakusa Rockza - Tokyo
This is a bit like the Toyo show, but it is obvious that the quality of the entire song and dance and stage effects is much higher. Each show has a theme, with main dancers and secondary dancers. The whole show is adapted from a series of historical stories in the Heian period. But I personally think it is not as good as the Toyo show. In fact, the biggest problem with their shows with only 5-7 main actors is that it will be boring if the actor combination you don’t like is turned.
This show has no tips and no photo session. It ends after watching.
No photos
Audience: 5:1 men and women
Ticket purchase: Buy directly when you arrive

🌟 ROKUSAN ANGEL (Burlesque Tokyo) - Tokyo
In short, it is an underground AKB48 singing and dancing nightclub. The average appearance of the girls is very high. There is always a style you like among more than 20 girls. It is very different from the previous two shows. This is like a fan meeting, where everyone sings and dances together
However, the performance of the girls is less than an hour. The remaining hour is for ticket rush (tips). Rich fans can give money to the girls so that they can stand on the rotating stage. There was also a rich man (a girl!) who deliberately ignored the girl, and finally secretly recharged her more than 6,000 dollars, which made the girl very happy.
In the end, each girl will come to say hello to you. It seems that you can take photos individually before, but it seems that something related to the license plate has happened. Now you can only take photos of the girls and take selfies with them on your phone. I don’t know if you can take photos directly in the VIP booths. By the way, you can take photos and videos almost everywhere!
Audience: 3:1 men and women
Buying tickets: You need to make an appointment for this, go to the official website to register as a member. The phone number and name are random, because the key is the appointment number on the email. You can also give an extra 2,000 yen to name the girl, and the girl will come to your seat to talk to you and give you a photo of her life.

Osaka-Live Burlesque Experience at Toyo Show, Asakusa Rockza and ROKUSAN ANGEL Club


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