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Recommend 2 bars suitable for beginners in Shinjuku Himachi, Tokyo, Japan

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As a famous tourist attraction in Asia, Tokyo Shinjuku 2-chome has become a must-visit place in the address book. There are about a hundred bars of all sizes here.

There are two types of bars in total, I hope it can help you make a better choice! Atmosphere up traditional Japanese bar. This type of bar is more distributed inside the building, most of them do not have eye-catching signs and facades. There are relatively few with facades. And most of them have a history of 30-50 years.

Traditional Japanese bar

Guests: 🇯🇵 Japanese guests 85% other countries 15%
Per capita: 2000-20000 yen
Note: This type of bar has a "seat fee", about 1500 to 2500 yen, and the seat fee includes a glass of wine (some are not included); some do not have a seat fee, but have a minimum consumption, the general minimum consumption is 1400-2000, if the consumption is not enough, it will be charged according to the minimum amount. So, it is not that the owner sometimes makes a mistake, but there are some conventional consumption in it. I personally love this kind of traditional bar, where you can really make Japanese friends!

Advantages: The atmosphere of this kind of bar is very lively, and everyone will chat together regardless of whether they know each other or not. And there will be guests who bring gifts to share with everyone present; if you get one, remember to say いただきます. And you can buy a whole bottle of wine here, and then deposit it here to drink next time. If you have enough personality charm, you will be invited by the person next to you! If you are invited, you must sit next to that person, clink glasses, and then say いただきます, and never do nothing.

Disadvantages: Friends who don’t speak Japanese, or people who are not very friendly, because not many staff can speak English, if you are lucky, you can meet staff who can speak Chinese. But it is difficult to chat with the guests around you.

A relaxed and cheap modern bar

Guests: 🇯🇵 Japanese 40% 🇬🇧 English 35% 🇨🇳 Chinese 25%
Per capita: 700-3000 yen
Note: This type of bar does not have miscellaneous fees, only drinks, so it is relatively cheap. And the facade is more eye-catching, there are many people inside, and the chat atmosphere is particularly strong on weekends. Most of the guests are actually foreigners, especially popular with Europeans and Americans, so you can chat in English here! But it is extremely unfriendly to foreigners. If you don't speak inside, you will be particularly isolated. Some will become clubs on weekends, and some will be mix bars on weekdays

Advantages: The first choice for tourists who have no budget and do not speak Japanese. The people inside are very active and can speak freely. The tolerance for foreigners is very high, and basic communication in English is enough, and it is friendly to beginners!

Disadvantages: There are few disadvantages, but the environment is very noisy. If you want to make friends, it is difficult here.

Tokyo-Recommend 2 bars suitable for beginners in Shinjuku Himachi, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo-Recommend 2 bars suitable for beginners in Shinjuku Himachi, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo-Recommend 2 bars suitable for beginners in Shinjuku Himachi, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo-Recommend 2 bars suitable for beginners in Shinjuku Himachi, Tokyo, Japan


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