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[Sexy Service]

Prostitution Experience at Imazato Brothel in Osaka, Japan

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I took the Kintetsu Osaka Line at around 17:00 on a weekday evening and got off at "Imazato Station". I walked to the Imazato Old Brothel. There are three brothels that look like restaurants connected together. I walked past a store and happened to see a customer who had just finished receiving service and said goodbye to the madam and left the store. The customer's shoes were also placed at the door of the brothel next door. It seems that the business here is good. I entered the third one. A male waiter greeted me warmly.

Osaka-Prostitution Experience at Imazato Brothel in Osaka, Japan

He took out the list of girls who were on duty today and asked me what kind of girls I liked. I replied that I wanted a big-breasted girl with good service. The waiter said, "There is a big-breasted girl in her thirties who can come to the store in 10 minutes. Is that okay?" I nodded in agreement. The girl was not in the store, but waiting for customers elsewhere (detailed information about the Imazato Old Brothel is introduced in the member area). After the waiter called the girl, he took me to the brothel.

Osaka-Prostitution Experience at Imazato Brothel in Osaka, Japan

The brothel had just been renovated. There were three rooms in total, one on the first floor and two on the second floor. The waiter showed me each brothel and said I could choose one. He was very friendly. I chose a sex room on the second floor and paid 13,000 yen for a 30-minute service fee. I ordered a lemon-lime drink and sat down to wait for the lady.

About 10 minutes later, the lady appeared. The lady was indeed a big-breasted woman with short brown hair and light makeup, giving people the impression of being somewhere between fashion and simplicity. We stripped off and started fighting. The lady asked me to lie on my back and we began to kiss for a long time. Then, the lady started to blow the flute without a condom. When the little brother was ready, the woman with a condom took the upper position and joined together. We changed to the normal position and fired after a lot of tossing. It was a very strong shot.

The lady handled the battlefield carefully, showing the tenderness of a woman. After eating snacks, I went downstairs. After getting the herbal tea, I said goodbye to the waiter and left the store. The atmosphere of the old brothel in Imazato is very good now, and it is very comfortable to use.

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