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Taiwan's red-light district is so exciting that it requires a detailed guide

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When it comes to Taiwanese girls, everyone probably thinks of the perfect persona of "sweet voice and beautiful appearance". Indeed, most of the Taiwanese girls I met during my study tour in Taiwan fit this image. They wear masks when they are not wearing makeup, pay great attention to their image, have a natural "coquettish" voice without feeling artificial, dress in Japanese and Korean styles, and have an easy-going personality and are easy to get along with (maybe stupid straight men can't tell the difference between green tea bitches).

Taiwan-Taiwan's red-light district is so exciting that it requires a detailed guide

Such girls fascinate many "wolf friends" and they are willing to spend money to come to Taiwan to find a "one night of spring" to satisfy their desires. But in fact, the consumption in Taiwan's red light district can be said to be the highest I have ever seen, and the water is too deep. It does not mean that you can find the girl of your dreams by spending a high price. Many real veteran drivers often fail.

- 1 -

Looking for information, the merchants are not attentive. If you want to find a red light district in a place where red light districts are illegal, then the first thing is to look for information on the Internet.

But Taiwan is an exception, because in various night tour forums in Taiwan, there are basically all kinds of advertisements. In addition, in all sub-sections of Taiwan forums, there are advertisements, and 99.9% of them are false advertisements.

It is very easy to find these channels. Just Google and you will get a bunch of them. However, many of the girls in the intermediaries are super. Over-Photoshopped photos. If you want to find the right one, you not only need more effort, but also may have to pay a lot of tuition fees...

- 2 -

Massage studio

In fact, many red-light districts in Taiwan operate in a similar way to the mainland, such as door-to-door service/streetwalking/ktv/bath massage, etc., but now the Taiwanese government has a strong crackdown on red-light districts, which has led to many different developments, among which massage studios are one of them.

Most of this kind of "special service massage" in Taiwan is operated underground. First, you need to get the contact information of the "cadre" or intermediary from the Internet, and then he will take you to the vicinity of their store under his remote control, and then ask someone to come out to pick you up. Before entering, you need to check your passport (probably to ensure that you are not a spy), then take you to the room, ask the girl to show you, and start the service after you like her.

Taiwan-Taiwan's red-light district is so exciting that it requires a detailed guide

The service is divided into half set/full set, which is simple and clear. Half set is just hand-to-hand, and full set is all you can do, but most of them are only half set. If you want a full set, you need to pay extra. Of course, the price is also ridiculously high, most of them start at 1,200 RMB. Counting the money you have to pay, the total is about 2,000 RMB.

In addition, there are also stores that say there are special services in the massage, but most of the girls in this kind of store are middle-aged women (according to a friend who was cheated), and some girls opened their own "personal studios" to provide special services in small apartments in order to avoid too much money from the intermediary. Of course, no matter which one, the fees you need to pay are very high, and you will encounter many minefields.

But it must be said that even if you go there and don't like it and want to leave, they will understand and let you leave, as if it is their fault that you didn't choose the right service provider. This kind of service attitude is really a model for all walks of life.

- 3 -

Uniform shop/dress shop/casual wear shop

Uniform shop is like the "pornographic KTV" I mentioned before, where you select girls to sing, drink and play with you. The difference is that at a certain time, the lights will dim, and the girls will start striptease to show off their bodies. In some shops, you can even do some embarrassing things♂

Taiwan-Taiwan's red-light district is so exciting that it requires a detailed guide

Does it sound exciting? However, I have never been to a uniform shop. On the one hand, it is expensive, and on the other hand, it requires a group of friends who love nightclubs.

The service content and fee calculation of these three shops are different. Casual clothes shops do not have any erotic services at all. They only accompany drinking, playing and chatting. They have higher requirements for the appearance of girls. If you want to go further, it depends on the price you give and the willingness of the girls; while formal clothes shops do not have such high requirements for the appearance of girls. They wear uniform uniforms at work, and there may be some erotic services in exchange for more tips.

In fact, most of these shops do not have erotic services. Many times, they only accompany playing and chatting. They are more like Japanese nightclubs, taking customers in to rest, relax and talk about business, and they are more inclined to white-collar workers and other middle-level people. Of course, in Taiwan, with many industries becoming increasingly sluggish, the girls working there can more or less negotiate a price to take them out.

- 4 -

Door-to-door service

This is the deepest place. In the above two types, you may find the girl of your choice, but for door-to-door service, you may not be able to find a satisfactory girl even if you have money.

Since red-light districts are illegal in Taiwan (it was actually legal for a period of time several years ago), many sex workers need to find customers through "intermediaries" or pimps, especially when looking for girls who come to your door. You need to choose a girl through the photos sent by the intermediary, and then wait for the girl to come to your door to serve you in the hotel, just like the earliest way of buying sex.

Before the girl comes to your door, you will never know whether she is a goddess or an aunt. After all, Taiwan's beauty technology is also very powerful.

Because in this process, you need to contact the intermediary and the girls who serve you, and in the early days, it also included the "drivers" who sent the girls and the "young masters" who protected them, so the total cost added up to create the high price here. Because of this, the money that actually goes to the girls is not much, so there are not many "young and beautiful" girls in Taiwan who do this business. Most of them are marginalized people with gambling, drug abuse and other problems, or they just work part-time. Even this kind of casual work costs more than 1,500 RMB.

- 5 -

Write some off-topic words

The red light district is like a forbidden place in people's hearts. Most people dare not talk about it on the surface, but once it is mentioned, they will be very excited. The red light districts I have walked through over the years really made me feel that desire can really be so open and aboveboard.

I think that when one day we can face the red light district and no longer think of them as so dirty, but just treat them as ordinary people, an ordinary service industry, sex workers can be treated and respected normally.


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