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[SPA Massage]

Bangkok group sex trip before New Year 3P Roselle

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I am single in my 40s. Seeing that my fellow friends overseas were living a life of going to the bridal chamber every day and being the groom every night, I couldn't help myself and went to Bangkok at the end of 2023.

On the first day (December 28), we arrived at the hotel in Sukhumvit at around 2 o'clock in the night. We ate something at a roadside nightstand and after confirming that there were black warblers, we went back to the hotel to sleep.

In the afternoon of the next day (December 29th), I went to the 3P specialty store Eden Club with the feeling that I must experience it once in my lifetime.

Bangkok-Bangkok group sex trip before New Year 3P Roselle
Bangkok-Bangkok group sex trip before New Year 3P Roselle

After entering the store, the waiter introduced the service items and called the lady. The lady standing on the right side of the waiter cannot go through the back door, but the lady on the left can. I am not interested in going through the back door, so I choose a sexy girl and then let her choose another girl. The package is 4500B for 90 minutes. Enter the room and start taking a shower. The two ladies were chatting and laughing, and the atmosphere was very lively.

When the battle begins, one girl plays the flute and the other licks her breasts. There are mirrors on both walls of the room. I drink beer while admiring the beautiful scenery in the mirror. The exciting scene made me extremely excited. Although I tried my best to control it, I was still unable to control it. I made waves while firing in the young lady’s mouth.

The two ladies began to massage, focusing on the soles of the feet. The massage was very comfortable, and before I knew it, I fell asleep. After a while, the little brother was resurrected again and merged with a young lady. Switching to another young lady, I sprinted while admiring the unsavory scene in the mirror, and soon fired another shot. My criteria for selecting girls are sexiness and charm, and I don't have high requirements for face and age. Therefore, it is easy to select girls in this store. If you are looking for beauty and youth, it is not recommended to come here.

Back to the hotel, rested and then went to Sukhumvit late at night for a stroll. I met a black lady drinking at a stall near Soi5. I sat next to the lady, and after talking with her for a while, we both agreed to play short-term guns for 1500B. Went to the hourly room, paid the usage fee of 350B, and started the war. After the young lady took off her clothes, she revealed her high buttocks and long legs. The young lady had a superb figure, and her skin was smooth and tender, and it felt very good to the touch.

I touched the lady's butt and slapped it left and right, and the lady shouted, "Ah Yes!" It was just like the sound in the Western porn movies. Although I have fired twice today, my little brother is still full of energy and eager to try. Without even taking a shower, she put on a condom and started playing the flute. Then stand up and get into position. Since the lady’s legs are very long, this position was a bit difficult for me. If I wasn’t paying attention, my left foot almost slipped. After resting for a while, the fight continued, going through the female top position, the rear position and the normal position before firing. I had three shots in one day. I was very moved. After eating at the stall, I went back to the hotel to sleep.

In the afternoon of the third day (December 30), I went to Wood Bar, a blow flute specialty shop.

Bangkok-Bangkok group sex trip before New Year 3P Roselle
Bangkok-Bangkok group sex trip before New Year 3P Roselle

The fee is 1000B. Although the lady was very involved, her skills were average and she ended up masturbating.

In the afternoon of the fourth day (December 31), I went to the massage parlor at Sukhumvit Soi22. The masseuse was an aunt, so I was going to have a regular massage. Entering the massage room, the aunt dimmed the lights and the atmosphere was very strange. During the massage, the aunt touched my little brother from time to time, and finally told me that 1000B can be used for sex.

Seeing the little brother holding his chest out and raising his head, the aunt is on top of her body. Although this aunt is old, she has great waist skills and a very satisfied expression on her face. My little brother was like a fish in water and was very happy. He didn't care about his mother or not. After a big battle, he finally fired in the normal position.

Back to the hotel, rested for a while, went to the bar to drink a few beers, and then went straight to the Royal Garden Home Hotel. I came here originally hoping to find Miss South America, but when I arrived I was told that today there were only Miss Russia and Miss Ukraine. I thought I could choose the girl in person, but I didn't expect that the old man took out his mobile phone and asked me to look at the photo (avatar) to choose the girl.

Bangkok-Bangkok group sex trip before New Year 3P Roselle
Bangkok-Bangkok group sex trip before New Year 3P Roselle

I chose a Ukrainian lady. After choosing, the old man took me to another hotel on his motorcycle. The gun fee is 3000B and the room fee is 500B. The lady who came was very pretty, but her belly was very flabby. The lady had a very gentle attitude and actively cooperated after the union. I was given a strong blow.

Although this trip only lasted 4 days and 3 nights, it was a total of 6 hits. The escorts are Thai, Ukrainian and black. There are also many types of nightclubs. Very satisfied.


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