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Escorts, renting wives, one-night stands, and sex tourism are so outrageous! ?

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Thailand's tourism economy is quite prosperous, which is well known to the world.

In this prosperous tourism industry, another custom industry has spawned, although it is not on the table, but it is extremely popular, and "renting a wife" is one of them.

In Thailand, such as Bangkok, Baraya, Phuket and other places where the tourism industry is booming, the rent-a-wife industry is also very developed, which can be called the base camp of "rent-wives".

Bangkok-Escorts, renting wives, one-night stands, and sex tourism are so outrageous! ?


What is renting a wife? As the name suggests, it is actually similar to a business relationship. One party gives money and the other rents out the body and time. During the rental period, the woman (man) is the client's wife and performs all the obligations that a wife can perform in terms of law and custom.

According to the most popular version, the culture originated during a time when the United States was sending troops everywhere to cause trouble.

An American soldier stayed with a Thai couple while he was stationed. On a dark and windy night when the husband was not at home, the wife and the soldier were alone in the room, and they naturally applauded for love.

Afterwards, the American soldier readily gave his wife a sum of money. The husband was also very satisfied and thought this was a brand new business opportunity, so he rented his wife out to the soldiers on a regular basis.

Nowadays, the rent-a-wife industry has reached a considerable scale.

For tourists who often travel to Thailand, renting a car, renting a house, or renting a wife as soon as they get off the plane has become a secret and tacit understanding between them.

Some tour groups even write "Experience renting a wife" on their promotional pages to attract single tourists.

And with the increasing development of the Internet, many upright "rental wives" websites have appeared in Thailand. Just click in and enter "rental wife" to get a lot of relevant information.

However, since "renting a wife" is a legal industry in Thailand, and both parties enter into the relationship voluntarily, you can even ask for a formal invoice if necessary!

Bangkok-Escorts, renting wives, one-night stands, and sex tourism are so outrageous! ?


Most of the foreigners who come to Thailand to rent wives are retired people from European and American countries. They have a lot of pensions and want to find young and beautiful girls to accompany them.

Generally speaking, "renting a wife" has no fixed term and is very flexible. It can be as short as a few days or as long as one or two years. If you are rich enough, you can even rent it for a lifetime.

In addition to being responsible for all expenses such as food, drinks, entertainment, etc., the tenant also needs to give the renter enough money to purchase her time and services.

Generally speaking, the higher the quality of the "temporary wife", the higher the price. "Temporary wives" who are highly educated, young, beautiful and in good shape are the most valuable.

According to Thai media reports, renting a wife for more than a week usually costs 9,000 baht, equivalent to more than 1,700 yuan; but if the rental time is less than a week, it will cost nearly double the price.

On the contrary, if the rental time is more than one month, it will only cost 50,000 baht, which is equivalent to about 1,500 US dollars in total, and the average daily rental is about 50 US dollars.

The above prices are for young, beautiful and well-educated temporary wives. Not every "temporary wife" charges a high price.

Some only cost 10 US dollars a day and only 300 US dollars a month, but obviously, both appearance and conversation may be inferior.

Bangkok-Escorts, renting wives, one-night stands, and sex tourism are so outrageous! ?


Once the rent-a-wife service is established, all expenses incurred during his trip will be borne by the rented tourists, and some may even purchase additional gifts.

Your temporary wife is only responsible for taking you to visit various scenic spots during the day, taking care of your food, clothing, housing and transportation, and taking you to the mall for a little shopping in the most gentle manner;

At night, meekly provides wife-only services.

In short, apart from not having the marriage certificate, they are no different from a real couple.

Of course, in addition to shouldering the responsibilities of a wife, these "rented wives" are not allowed to lose their temper at will. It's pretty much whatever the employer says.

The employer can experience the pleasure of being a husband without having to fulfill his responsibilities, which makes him very happy.

However, behind the rapid development of the sex industry and the large proportion of tourism revenue, some human beings are actually being exploited.

Most of the time, these events do not affect tourists, but become the reason for more and more people to go and watch.

Bangkok-Escorts, renting wives, one-night stands, and sex tourism are so outrageous! ?


Globally, many countries and regions use the porn industry as a sign of tourism. There is even a term: sex tourism.

It refers to tourism that is predicated on sexual activity or sexual relations.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry commonly known as "buying sex groups."

Most of the customers for sex tourism come from developed countries in the Western economy, and their destinations are mainly concentrated in countries and regions with underdeveloped economies or where sex trade is legal.

Southeast Asia is the hardest hit area.

In addition to the proliferation of the sex industry, the reason is "Yellow Fever" - not a real disease, which refers to the stereotyped obsession of white Western men with Asian women.

Angeles City is the center of sex tourism in the Philippines. Many girls are abducted to Angeles City by human traffickers and start picking up clients in their teens.

Most of the children here have different skin colors because they are traces left by sex tourists.

In Europe, there are also sex trafficking paradises such as Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

Bangkok-Escorts, renting wives, one-night stands, and sex tourism are so outrageous! ?

De Wallen is Amsterdam's largest and most famous red light district and a major tourist attraction. It is famous for its sex shops, sex theaters, and sex museums.

But the most eye-catching thing is the red-lit shop window on the street - displaying women who can provide sexual services.

Touring the red light district is the most popular tourist attraction.

Sex trafficking is also prevalent in Italy.

According to the 2009 Tampep report, up to 90% of women engaged in sexual services in Italy are foreign women. Human trafficking has been controversial and suspected for a long time.

The Czech Republic is known as the "Thailand of Europe" and its capital, Prague, is a famous porn capital. This major AV country has taken "sex tourism" to new heights, and has launched a check-in program where tourists pay to watch AV filming.

Endless erotic solicitation.

In almost every country that has a red light district, their sex industry is an attraction.

Some places are even famous for "young prostitutes".

Bangkok-Escorts, renting wives, one-night stands, and sex tourism are so outrageous! ?

Statistics show that another 250,000 to 500,000 children in Brazil make a living from the sex trade.

International tourism has become the most profitable pimp.

And how did women gradually become sexual icons in the tourism industry?

Looking back on this process, it's like boiling a frog in warm water.

Bangkok-Escorts, renting wives, one-night stands, and sex tourism are so outrageous! ?

For example, the world beauty pageant takes advantage of the trend to promote the public's stereotypes of women from a certain country. xx country is rich in beauties, marry Ukrainian wives, Vietnamese brides, watch Japanese docile lolita...

Society neutralizes women on a daily basis, promotes pornography, performances, and sells female fantasies, and consumers gain psychological moral immunity in a strange country.

All links are indispensable.

Interest and hypocrisy ultimately reduce women to consumer goods in sex tourism, embedded in the global tourism sex industry.

Bangkok-Escorts, renting wives, one-night stands, and sex tourism are so outrageous! ?


But it’s always been like this, right?

History has told us that the fate of women on this road is not the only possibility of slipping.

As said in "Slave Sex": "The essence of prostitution is not transaction, but slavery."

Even though the sex industry has helped so many countries in the world achieve GDP growth, it has even become a pillar industry.

Even though there are so many high-sounding reasons to urge the legalization of the sex industry: protecting the rights of sex workers, supporting physical freedom...

Even if countless people say that it is between you and me, there is no oppression when it is voluntary.

Bangkok-Escorts, renting wives, one-night stands, and sex tourism are so outrageous! ?

But in the prosperous scene of the sex industry and tourism, and behind the satisfaction of clients, enslaved women cannot and should not be erased.

France has enacted a new bill, Iceland has banned the porn industry, and China has always considered sex trafficking illegal.

When more and more forces push women to separate from the porn industry, the so-called evil of inertia will one day be reversed.

Women cannot carve out a future in slavery.

Only by thinking with our brains and working with our hands can we build our own home.


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