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[SPA Massage]

Traveling around the world to buy sex, Clark Angel City, the sex capital of the Philippines

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This time we went to the real sex capital of the Philippines - Angeles City (Angeles City, also translated as Angeles). Angeles City was once home to the largest US military base outside the United States, forming a unique red light district. It is also the location of Clark International Airport. There was a direct flight from Taiwan to Clark Airport a long time ago, but it has disappeared in recent years. However, it is good to know that this year (2018) AirAsia is expected to launch a direct flight from Taipei to Clark Airport again in mid-July, with a discounted price of less than 1,500 round trip including tax. Yuan. After the US military moved out, there was a time when Taiwanese were the main consumer group in Angeles City. However, in recent years, they have been caught up by Koreans. Even many Gogobars and restaurants are run by Koreans. I hope you can create Taiwanese people again. The leading glory.

In addition to the direct flights that will be re-opened in July, the main way to get to Angeles City is to take passenger transportation from Pasay station in Manila. When you arrive at the bus station, just ask the counter which bus passes through Dau (pronounced Dawu) (this is the bus station closest to Angel City). Basically, there are many buses and you won't have to wait too long. However, if you are a little bit concerned about taking the bus, Regarding the quality of the car, you can give priority to Five Star or Victory Liner. Personally, I think the seats are better, and the price is the same at 150 Peso.

After arriving in Dau, there will be many modified motorcycles (called Trikes, with side seats) waiting to take guests to Angeles City. I forgot the price. If you don’t want to visit Manila, Genesis Bus has added a new bus route from Manila Airport (MNL) Terminal 3 to the SM mall in Angeles City since last year (2017) (350 peso). In addition, if you are traveling with a small group of friends, you can also contact your hotel in Angeles City in advance to arrange a private car transfer, which costs about 2,500-3,000 peso. There are frequent traffic jams in Manila, so if you set out from Pasay station, be mentally prepared for traffic jams. It will take about 3-4 hours. If there is no traffic jam (early morning or late at night), it will take about 2-2.5 hours to arrive, but safety is important. Consider it yourself.

Angel City can be said to be the largest single red light district in Asia, with a total of nearly 20,000 workers stationed there. Although Pattaya may be bigger and more fashionable in terms of overall size, the biggest advantage of Angel City is its convenience. All Gogobar/night club/massage parlor are only a few minutes' walk away from each other. In addition, the hotel is also very close, so it is not a problem to go back and forth three or four times in one day (or even just one night).

So, how do you find your destination in Angeles City? First of all, the Internet is still your best friend. You can also easily find girls from Angeles city on the dating website introduced in the previous article. When filtering the area, remember to select Pampanga, which is the province where Angeles City is located.

Of course, if you want to have fun in Angeles City, the most recommended way is to go to Gogobar. After all, the consumption here is affordable and safe. The girls in the bar are all licensed, of legal age, undergo monthly health examinations, and have annual tuberculosis and AIDS screenings. There is no evidence of drug abuse. The price ranges from 1500 to 3000 peso. The key point is that Bar Fine is the entire cost. Unlike Manila, you have to give the lady an extra tip that is almost equivalent to Bar Fine. Of course, if you think the lady performed well afterwards, of course you can also leave a tip ranging from 500-1000 peso, or make an agreement in advance to see if she will provide you with more services. However, it is not recommended to give more than 1000 peso, as it will cause damage in the long run. As for the market conditions, nothing will happen if you don’t give them. In fact, Asians are indeed the main culprits in destroying the consumer market in Angel City, especially Koreans and Japanese. Perhaps because sex consumption in their home countries is more expensive, they have been showing off when they come to the Philippines, so that when the ladies see Asians, they expect to have more sex. With a high income, it is difficult to negotiate prices and it is easy to spend too much money. In recent years, the opportunity to spend 1,000 peso has disappeared. I hope you can control your consumption at today's level.

The bars and night clubs in Angel City are mainly concentrated on Walking street (Fields Ave). It is best to go on weekends. At this time, most people are working. Generally, Monday to Tuesday/Wednesday are rest days, and there are fewer girls. It is recommended that if you are interested and have time, you can go in one by one and have a look. There is no admission fee. If you are not satisfied, just walk out immediately. Don't be embarrassed. If you see a girl you are interested in, you can sit down and order a drink (120-160 peso), talk to the lady directly or ask Mamasang to call someone for you. The lady drink is about twice the price of your drink. Order a drink, chat with her, and take it away if you like it. The most famous Gogobars here are Dollhouse (4pm - 6am), Club Atlantis (7pm - 4am), and Viking Bar (2pm - 4am).

These Bar fines are all 3,000 peso, and there is no limit to the length. You can ask your sister to stay with you all night, or ask her to go back after an hour, and you can go to the next one. One more thing to add here is that the correct name of Bar Fine in Angel City is Early Work Release (EWR). Some mothers may not like you using the name Bar Fine to avoid suspicion, because as I said in the previous article, prostitution It is technically illegal in the Philippines, and the term bar fine has a strong connection with prostitution, so they use the term early work release.

Atlantis and Dollhouse are the largest Gogobars here. There will be more than 50 girls on site for you to choose from, and there are even nearly 100 people at peak times. In Atlantis, you can occasionally see Koreans throwing big coins on the second floor (but they only throw small 10/20 peso notes XD). If you can't wait early in the morning, you can consider some Korean bars. These bars are opened for Koreans and other Asians, and the owners are almost all Koreans. The specialty is that it is smaller in scale, but has long opening hours and is cheap. The girls’ style is also more in line with Asian aesthetics. Among them, I recommend Soya bar, which opens at 10 am. Bar fine only costs 2200 peso, which is the cheapest price on Walking street, but the quality of the girls is still quite good.

The girl I found at Soya can be said to be the happiest experience I have had in Angel City. The girl is very enthusiastic and has good service. She also speaks dirty talk well. She also has an appearance that I like. It only costs 2200 peso, which is really a good deal. When choosing a sister, it is very important to pay attention to her reaction to you. If the person you want to bring back to the room is not a dead fish, it is best to choose someone who shows interest in you in the bar and who is not a lively dancer. Lifeless objects give you a very pleasant experience

Outside of Walking street, there are also some bars located on Don Juico Ave a little further away, such as Orange bar, After School, etc. These bars open earlier (mostly starting at 11 noon), are slightly smaller, and are relatively Cheap (sounds familiar, yes again. These are driven by Koreans. They sometimes charter cars to enjoy this area. There are far fewer white people here. If you don’t like too many foreigners, you can come here). If you come during the noon time, you can pick up the good stuff, and you won’t pick out leftovers from others. The specialty of the After School store is that the sisters are all wearing school uniforms (of course they are adults), which has a unique flavor

Here are some accommodation recommendations. In order to cope with the huge tourist crowds, Angeles City has a variety of hotels, ranging from extremely luxurious to affordable options. In any case, I think the most important thing is the location. Try to choose a hotel that is about 5-10 minutes' walk from Walking street. It is so convenient to move around and you won't be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of Walking street that lasts all night if you really want to sleep. For high-end options, you can consider ABC Hotel, which costs about 110-150 USD per night. The rooms are very luxurious and the facilities are complete, approaching the quality of a five-star hotel (ABC hotel is a four-star hotel. The real 5-star-hotel, Midori Clark Hotel It is located next to the airport, close to golf courses and theme parks, and has a casino attached, but it is too far from the main street. It is a meet-up place for business people to raise their Sugar babies). More balanced accommodations include Winds Boutique Hotel and Central Park Tower Resort. The price is about 50-70 USD. The accommodation space is spacious. Although it is not as luxurious as ABC hotel, I think it is quite suitable for the purpose of our trip, especially Winds Boutique. The hotel's bathtub is quite large, so those who want to play in the bathtub may wish to try it.

If you want to save money, you can stay at Zen Hotel or Valentino’s Hotel for about 30 USD. However, the disadvantage is that the room is small and there is no bathtub. I personally feel that it lacks a bit of flavor if you want to have a long night with a female companion. In addition to Gogobar, there are two well-known night clubs in the main street, High Society and Skytrax Superclub. High Society is the largest nightclub here, and Skytrax is a nightclub specially opened for Asians. There are many freelancers in both places.

The mode here is that you wander around at will. If a girl looks at you, she will express it (smile/wave/walk directly to you, etc.). At this time, you can help her order a drink and chat with her. After chatting for a few words, she or you will ask What's your plan? Then you can start talking (in short, the girls here don't like to be regarded as Hookers, even if she is Hooker, she still has to pretend to be reserved, so if If you go directly to a woman and ask her what's your price, she probably won't look good). You can agree on any services you want in advance. The price is about 1500-2000 peso. She will charge a higher price at first, even 3000-4000 peso. Please feel free to bargain. If you don’t want to stay all night, you can get even cheaper by talking about short time service. Basically, these freelancers do not get a commission from the bar. Even if they only get 1,500, it is still higher than the sisters at gogobar. Of course, the disadvantage is that there is less protection for both them and consumers. The advantage is that in addition to being cheap, you can find many part-time sex workers (the advertising slogan in Taiwan is probably that college students work part-time). It all depends on your personal sexual interests.

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