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[SPA Massage]

A guide to finding girls to have sex with in the nightlife of Angeles City, Clark City, Philippines

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After returning from Thailand, compared to the life of playing in Bangkok and Pattaya every day until going to bed in the morning, I suddenly began to miss the leisurely days of vacation in Clark, so our theme today is the City of Angels in the Philippines. Hello everyone, my name is Jane. I am based in Shanghai. Because it is very convenient to travel to and from Shanghai and Manila. In addition, with the US visa, you can enter and leave without a visa for 7+1 days, so you can go at once. So I recently discovered that my friends went to Clark for a weekend. There are more and more of them. Drivers who are used to eating Issan Thai girls might as well go to this small town full of mixed-race girls and have a completely different culture to experience it.

Clark/Angel City-A guide to finding girls to have sex with in the nightlife of Angeles City, Clark City, Philippines

A brief introduction to geography: Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and Clark City is a 2-hour drive northwest of Manila, similar to Bangkok to Pattaya. After getting off the plane at T3 in Manila, take the airport bus directly from exit bay 14 to Clark SM Mall. This is similar to taking the bus to Pattaya directly from Suwan in Bangkok. After getting off the bus in about 2 hours and walking for 5 minutes, we arrived at the so-called Philippine version of Pattaya - Angeles City. Angeles City is considered a small town in Clark.

Regarding hotel accommodation, Angeles City is very mature and you can get a good hotel for around 300. I always stay at the Central Tower Hotel for around 400 a night. The location is better than ABC Hotel and it is close to the pedestrian street. The most expensive hotel.

Clark/Angel City-A guide to finding girls to have sex with in the nightlife of Angeles City, Clark City, Philippines

The pedestrian street in Angeles City is relatively small and narrow, only a few hundred meters in total. There are dozens of gogobars, some restaurants and massages. The gameplay is relatively simple and there are no routines, making it easier to get started. The difference is that the gogobar here does not allow nudity, and smoking is not allowed outside the bar, so you can often see customers smoking and blowing water at the door of the bar together. There are also various gogobar bars on this road other than the pedestrian street. Friends who are interested can walk all the way there, which is estimated to be 2 kilometers.

Clark/Angel City-A guide to finding girls to have sex with in the nightlife of Angeles City, Clark City, Philippines

Angeles City is similar to Pattaya.

After nightfall, the pedestrian street will be closed to vehicle traffic, and the face of Angeles City will slowly unfold under the feasting lights. Compared to the pedestrian street in Pattaya, there are much fewer people. Speaking of expenses, the current exchange rate between RMB and Peso is about 1:7.5. I usually don’t exchange pesos in advance in China. I bring 500 US dollars with me every time I visit for 4-5 days. After landing, I can exchange pesos directly at the airport (US dollars are convenient to carry, and the exchange rate is also good). slightly better). Let’s talk about m’s commission here. Ladydrink gets 100p for a cup of m and barfine charges vary from 1000-1500p. This part of the commission is actually their st and lt, so the income of Filipino m’s is really much lower than that of Thai m’s. a lot of. Life is indeed difficult for many girls. So brothers who go to play, don’t be too fussy about it. Because there are not many Chinese people there, so far as I have dealt with them, they are quite friendly to Chinese people (almost all the streets there are playing with sticks).

Let’s talk about consumption. In most gogobar stores on the pedestrian street, beer is 120p-150p, ladydrink is 300p, and barfine is 3000p. The barfine here includes the lt fee, so you don’t have to pay extra. Because later m can tap from the barfine. Of course, it’s up to you whether or not you give a tip after you’re done. If you meet someone who likes you, they might stay with you until work the next day. And you don’t have to be afraid of motorcycles, because if you have a bad attitude and you complain to the bar, they won’t get barfine. The head was drawn.

Clark/Angel City-A guide to finding girls to have sex with in the nightlife of Angeles City, Clark City, Philippines

In addition, there are many girls at salomon and dollhouse bars on the pedestrian street. There are also some ghost bars where you can often find high-looking girls with Asian aesthetics. Generally speaking, ghost guys will not choose such girls. In addition to gogo, there are also some small KTV singing places in the pedestrian street. After selecting the girls, you can continue to the next stop and have fun. There is also a club in the pedestrian street. Many girls from gogo after get off work will go to play in the evening and take orders by the way. Drivers who didn’t choose a dish can go inside and choose again. The prices range from 1,000 to 2,000 pesos. It’s very cheap because there’s no gogo tap.

Generally speaking, for new drivers, I think Angeles City has a lot of fun places. The most important thing is that there are not so many pitfalls. Of course, stepping on minefields appropriately is also a stage that new and old drivers must go through. If you don’t go through it, Minefield, how do you become a veteran? Let’s talk about this today. If I have a chance next time, I will talk about some Thai custom areas that are not usually very popular, such as Patpong in Bangkok, Soi LK in Pattaya, etc.

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