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[SPA Massage]

Big misunderstanding! This is a Filipino girl, with a smaller figure and a bumpy figure

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Customer A: Filipino girls are very European and American, not suitable for us Asians

Customer B: The girls over there are dark and fat, not suitable for us Asians

I'm speechless

Clark/Angel City-Big misunderstanding! This is a Filipino girl, with a smaller figure and a bumpy figure

In fact, I am not surprised that these remarks will appear, because the situation in Clark Angel City, Philippines was indeed like this!

Clark used to be a base for the US military. Since there was demand for men, it led to the development of the red light district here.

But as the US military gradually faded out, a large number of Koreans moved in instead XD

The most obvious difference in girls’ appearance is before and after the COVID-19 epidemic

Girls before the epidemic, most girls were attracted by American preferences (big breasts, big butts)

Go out of your way to have surgery or go to the store to buy what they commonly call fattening drugs - steroids (Oradexon)

Therefore, many people who came to the Philippines before the epidemic had a stereotype of Filipino girls as "European and American"

During the epidemic, with the tourism blockade, the local red light district industry gradually could not sustain itself, and was replaced by Korean bosses who had deep roots in the Philippines.

Under their leadership and operation, there was a big change among the girls in the red light district! Korean girls have become the mainstream here!

There is even a "Korean Wave" trend in the local area! As for those European and American girls, they all have no choice but to go to European and American bars farther away to make a living.

Based on the current situation, it is no exaggeration to say that Clark Angel City in the Philippines has completely become the back garden of Koreans!

Clark/Angel City-Big misunderstanding! This is a Filipino girl, with a smaller figure and a bumpy figure

Finally, let me summarize the characteristics of the girls here.

1. Young (generally 18-21 years old)

2. “Korean” girls account for more than 80%

3. Girls’ love brain (maybe because they are too young XD)

4. She is cute and can act like a spoiled child (maybe because she is too young XD)

5. Possessive (with personality, they will treat you as her boyfriend, they will be jealous and keep asking you what you are doing?)

6. Mostly small horses

7. Sexy figure (influenced by "Korean" style)

8. Very good at twisting buttocks (because of TIKTOK XDDDD)

9. Low material desires (due to age and living standard in Kansai, it is super easy to satisfy)

10. Good at serving people (all stores opened by Koreans will teach them how to serve customers)

Based on the 10 characteristics I randomly listed above, do you still think that Filipino girls are not suitable for you?

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