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Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset

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The itinerary in Pattaya is two days, the first day is Grand Island + central festival, the second day is Pattaya terminal + return to Bangkok.
After the twists and turns of the bus ride, we finally arrived in Pattaya the night before. Today is the official first day in Pattaya, and we set off to Grand Island.
It takes 45 minutes to take a boat from Pattaya to Koh Llan, 30🐷 for a regular boat. Get on the bus and buy a ticket. From the hotel to the Grand Island Pier, we have to pass through the Pattaya Walking Street. We first change to a tuk-tuk to the pedestrian street intersection, and then take a tuk-tuk from the pedestrian street intersection to the Grand Island Pier. Total 20🐷 per person.
There are so many people at the pier and there are so many types of boats that I really don’t know which car to take. We just followed the crowd. We only knew that the boat to Grand Island was at Pier A. As for where, we didn’t know. If you follow the direction with the most people, you can get to the pier and the boat that costs 30🐷. The boat has two floors, upper and lower. We chose the upper floor to see the sea view more intuitively.
The sea water is indigo blue and indigo green. This is the first time I have seen this kind of sea water. It is the kind of sea water that can make people feel good.
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset

On the boat, we just took photos of the sea view and chatted. We arrived quickly in 45 minutes. Grand Island has arrived.
The sunshine is great and the sea water is not lazy either. From a distance, there were many people swimming in that area, and we followed the large group towards that direction.
I was very hungry. The moment I saw the sea water, I immediately forgot about my hunger. I don’t know if it was because I was excited or something.
I didn’t dare to go into the water at first, but Qianqian showed off his swimming skills to me for the first time. He was pretty good but better than me. I didn’t dare to go into the water at all.
First of all, I was carrying my luggage and wanted to take beautiful photos of Qianqian in the sea. Secondly, my little swimming skills were accumulated from the 5-meter swim I swam for half a semester in college and I never swam again after finishing the class. Dare to step in the water but dare not put your head in the water and swim away.
The sun was shining brightly at that time, so I chose to watch him swim on the beach. The sand on the beach is so fine that I thought it was putty for whitewash walls at first and didn't notice it. Later I discovered that putty is very sticky to my feet. Isn't it so non-sticky? I grabbed a handful and took a closer look and realized it was sand. It was amazing, Grand Island sand. Not only is your seawater so emerald green, but is your sand so good too? Most of the people on the beach are foreigners, and the women wear bikinis and the men wear shorts. My God, this is the real foreign country, this is the free and unrestrained life, okay? No one cares about your bikini body, no one cares about your aging skin, and no one knows you, so what's there to be restrained about? I admire their confidence and boldness. If I had a bikini at this moment, I wouldn’t dare to wear it. I don’t know what I’m afraid of! How sad! Even though I know the truth, I just can’t put it on.
I was really bored staying on the beach, and my heart was itchy and I still felt like I was in the water. Wouldn’t it be a shame to not go into the water once? With Qianqian's repeated encouragement and inducement, I got into the water. The things are stored in a certain store, 100🐷, and the deposit is 100.

I felt like my whole body was frozen as soon as I got into the water. Qianqian said that if you put some water on your body, you won’t be cold anymore. Sure enough, I took Qianqian's hand and walked deeper into the sea. The water reached about my chest and I said I didn't dare to go any further because I was afraid. Qianqian taught me how to swim. I dived three times and couldn't hold my breath for five seconds each time. I found out, but I still couldn’t hold my breath well, so I didn’t dare to take more steps. I choked on the sea water. The water was so salty that it felt like I had eaten a mouthful of alkali and salt. I said I won’t play anymore and I won’t play anymore. I played in the sea by myself and walked back, and asked Qianqian to continue swimming there. It was the first time I saw him so attached to the sea. I have never seen him swim in the sea as big as Yantai where he lives. I don’t know how many hours he has been swimming here but he still hasn’t gone out to sea.
I was so hungry on the shore that I called him several times before I heard him. We went to a slightly cleaner shop and sat down and ordered fried noodles with watermelon juice and French fries and chicken nuggets. At that moment, life suddenly felt like a vacation. Breathing the sea breeze and looking at the people in the sea in the distance, life seemed so beautiful at that moment, but it was the first time in more than 20 years that I felt it.
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset
Their portions are so small, 40 in the city🐷150 here🐷

Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset
200 pigs are still acceptable!
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset

There is a video but it cannot be uploaded. It is said that the format is wrong. It is a pity.
After dinner, Qianqian continued to go swimming, and I sat in the restaurant and continued to watch the people swimming in the sea. The coastal road here is full of shops selling beach clothing. They are all good at making money and have developed it into a real tourist area. Why can't such an industry be developed in China?
By about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I was thinking about renting a motorcycle to go around the island. The guide said that you can rent a motorcycle for up to 200🐷. I called Qianqian out of the house and we went to the place where we rented motorcycles. Someone grabbed us and said 300🐷 directly, and showed us the big sign, which indeed said 300🐷. I didn’t believe what that person said, and she didn’t rent it at all, so we didn’t rent. Later, we met a group of about 9 Indians who were looking at us. They were also asking for a cheaper price from the guy soliciting customers. Later I heard that it was 150🐷 per motorcycle, but by that time we had already decided to take a tuk-tuk to the island. Later I saw that they didn’t rent a motorcycle and we took the same tuk-tuk.
Due to communication problems, I always thought that this tuk-tuk went to the top of the mountain and circled around the island. It turned out that 20🐷 was only the price from one pier on the island to another, which was a bit of a loss. Motorcycles on the island also cost 300🐷 a day, which is still a lot. Forget it, let’s take a walk and see! The residents and alleys on the island have a special feeling like Gulangyu Island. The houses and buildings are painted colorfully and look beautiful.

Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset
I’m really tired from walking, forget it, I won’t go shopping anymore, this afternoon It’s almost five o’clock, let’s go back to the island, back to Pattaya!
Get on the tuk-tuk again from where you got off, and go to the pier to buy a ticket back to Pattaya.
The view from the boat of the setting sun reflecting on the water is great!
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset
Pattaya-Travel records of Pattaya, sea, food, streets, sunset

Back to Patiti, we passed through the pedestrian street again. We arrived on the island at around six o'clock. There were still very few people and many shops. They haven't even opened the door yet. Let's go home and take a rest first!
I couldn’t bear the urge to go shopping anymore. I went out to Central Festival at around 8 o’clock and didn’t want to leave. I passed the night market and arrived at Central Festival very quickly. There are luxury cosmetics, perfumes, etc. on the first floor of Central Festival. After looking at the prices in sk2, they are still more expensive than the prices in the duty-free shop app. The second floor sells clothes and underwear. I bought three pairs of Wacoal underwear for 260 yuan, with a 5% discount only for tourists. The third floor and above are all children, restaurants, etc., forget it! When I walked around the entire mall in about 2 hours, an interesting thing happened here:

Xiao Yang didn’t want to go shopping with me. He was waiting for me at KFC. I always thought he was at McDonald’s. It took me two hours to walk around. I went to McDonald's to look for him, but there was no one there, so I panicked. He didn't have Internet access, so I couldn't contact him at all. It was around 10 o'clock, and I searched all over the mall. I went to McDonald's to show the waiter a picture, but he said he had never seen this person. The waiter took me to the front desk of the mall, where I stayed for 2 days. I waited for more than an hour for them to contact the security of various shopping malls, and the surveillance helped me find someone. After more than 2 hours, he told me that the surveillance did not have this person, and asked me to go to the nearby police station. I went to the police station with tears in my eyes to ask for their help. The chief told me not to worry. He would not file a case within 24 hours, and there was no death in a car accident. Otherwise, we would have received the report long ago, and besides, it was a foreigner's matter.

What he said reassured me a lot, but it still frightened me not to find him. I didn’t know what to do. The concert outside the mall was incompatible with my mood at that time. I went back to the hotel in embarrassment, praying to find him there. Taking a tuk-tuk would not work for half an hour, and I would be very hungry and thirsty. It couldn't stop me from losing his heart, the hotel was empty-handed, and I asked the front desk for help, even though I knew they were helpless. Just when I was sitting on the sofa at the front desk and didn't know what to do, a WeChat call came. He waited at KFC until the mall was closed and didn't see my appearance. Finally, there was a letter.

Our business stopped here. I was also impressed by the efficiency of the Thai people. They are very enthusiastic and eager to help others. The waiters at the mall information desk also have a good attitude, but their efficiency is low and their unhurried appearance makes it difficult to understand the anxiety of foreigners who have lost their companions here. That’s all I want to summarize.
The incident passed like this, and it also reminded me: when you go out, ensuring the safety of your friends is more important than ensuring your own safety.
This matter was handled until 12:30 in the morning, when traffic jams began in Pattaya, nightlife began, and there were many people on the road along the coast. We sat on the beach for a while. Never before at such a late hour did two people go to the beach to enjoy the sea breeze. In the distance, cruise ships, yachts, and ordinary ships are floating quietly on the sea, which is incompatible with the carnival and car honking and the commotion of the crowd on the roadside. There were a lot of mosquitoes on the beach. After sitting for a while, we headed home. It was a wonderful memory!
Good night, Pattaya, good night, world!

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