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Pattaya prostitutes, male prostitutes, transsexual streets, erotic encounters that make your legs go weak

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Pattaya, as the largest red-light district in Asia and the most important tourist city in Thailand, is known as the "color capital" and "sex capital" of the East. Prostitution is legal here, and practitioners must register and undergo regular physical examinations to keep the industry running healthily. The number of practitioners is very large, and the practitioners are relatively mixed, coming from all over the world, mainly Thai practitioners with "Thai girls" as the core; blond and blue-eyed Europeans named "cat" (mainly practitioners are from Eastern Europe, such as Ukraine, Croatia and other countries); Vietnamese practitioners with "birds" as their nickname, and a small number of practitioners from Myanmar, India, China, South Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries. The street where the pornography industry in Pattaya is most developed is called "Walking Street Muang Pattaya", which is called Chicken, Duck and Goose Street by the Chinese. It mainly refers to the pedestrian street leading from Pattaya to the port of the Gulf of Siam. With the development of Pattaya in recent years, the city has continued to expand, and Chicken, Duck and Goose Street has become a general concept. With this street as the center, many surrounding streets have been mixed and developed into an area, including the beach near the Gulf of Siam. The daytime here is quite dull, with not too many people, just like the pedestrian streets of small cities. But at night, it is a completely different scene, with a large number of Europeans and Americans, as well as tourists from all over the world, staying up all night, making it a real city that never sleeps.

Pattaya-Pattaya prostitutes, male prostitutes, transsexual streets, erotic encounters that make your legs go weak

The meaning of Pattaya Chicken, Duck and Goose Street is actually a discriminatory term for practitioners to a large extent. Chicken means prostitute, which is called fallen women in China, which is more civilized than the term "chicken". Duck is a male practitioner, most of whom are not local Thai men. Thai men are relatively short, dark-skinned, not strong enough, and their appearance does not conform to the aesthetics of many modern women, so most of them are European and American practitioners. Goose is a general term for transvestites, including half-demon and full-demon, which is actually the homosexual pornography industry to a certain extent. In addition, there are also terms for cats, dogs, and birds. But no matter which term it is, it is actually a discriminatory term for practitioners to a large extent.

Pattaya-Pattaya prostitutes, male prostitutes, transsexual streets, erotic encounters that make your legs go weak

The main consumption items here are Thai bath, black pearl (rental wife), coconut ghost (streetwalker), dog bar, boy city, etc. Most of them use bars and stages as venues, and use various nude performances as a way to attract customers to choose consumption. You can see all kinds of bars and performance halls on the pedestrian street. Most of them will have girls holding signs and pornographic pictures at the door to promote sales. Many of them are characteristic bars, such as Thai girl halls and cat halls. Different characteristics will have different people performing at the door to attract people on the street. Of course, there are many streetwalkers, some of whom are on the pedestrian street, and some are on the beach of the Gulf of Siam, standing under the coconut trees waiting for customers to come up and talk about the price. This part is the "coconut ghost". In addition, in other streets or night markets along the streets, you can also see many open-air bars or snack stalls, similar to barbecue restaurants or barbecue stalls in China. Basically, there is a steel pipe on all the tables, and every night there will be practitioners posing on it, waiting for people who come to consume to choose.

Pattaya-Pattaya prostitutes, male prostitutes, transsexual streets, erotic encounters that make your legs go weak

Many tour guides or guides will say that many practitioners in Thailand are registered and regularly checked, which is relatively safe and healthy. But in fact, this is not the case. The Thai pornography industry is mixed, and practitioners from various countries cannot complete the so-called registration, let alone the so-called health check. Moreover, criminal cases occur frequently here, and it is not a particularly safe place. If you don't know Thai or English, there will be many misunderstandings here, especially in the choice, there will be big jokes. Some consumers go to Thailand to consume, unable to communicate in language, directly click on the picture to choose the girl, negotiate the price and go to open a room, but the result is a transvestite or half-transvestite (without removing the reproductive organs). Not only does it lose the elegance of consumption, but it is frightening and creepy, and the cost cannot be reduced by a penny.

Most of the consumers in Thailand are Europeans and Americans. Most Chinese choose to sightsee, take photos or videos everywhere, and rarely visit bars or choose pornographic services. Because many pornographic industries in European and American countries are legal, such as strip clubs, etc., Europeans and Americans come to Thailand and have no interest in nude performances such as adult shows and transvestite shows. Moreover, the aesthetic standards of Europeans and Americans are too different from those in China, and they are completely on different channels. Therefore, many Chinese people see Thai girls hugged by Europeans and Americans, and they exclaim that it is incredible, it is simply eye-catching, and it feels hard to swallow. Therefore, Chinese people are mainly interested in this project, and their consumption motivation is insufficient, although the cost is not high.

People who have been to Pattaya will call Pattaya a paradise for men, where they will never sleep or return home. However, people who have really eaten, drunk and had fun in Pattaya will feel a sense of emptiness, as if they have fallen into the abyss, on a street with flashing neon lights, blasting music, crowded people, heavy traffic, various races, various beauties, and various desires.


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