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Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

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Pattaya PATTAYA Travel Notes and Pornographic Performances. Check-in, sightseeing We are a group of 4 men, returning to China from India in mid-April 2024 after completing a project. The route is Kolkata-Bangkok-Guangzhou, and we will stay in Bangkok for two nights. One of our colleagues came to Bangkok last month and met the tour guide Cheng. The tour guide Cheng is a Thai born in Yunnan and is proficient in Chinese and Thai. When we were in India, we negotiated the itinerary, number of people, food and accommodation, and approximate expenses with the tour guide over the phone.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

We arrived at Bangkok Airport at 6am in the morning. First, we went to the Thai Airways counter to change the date and time of the ticket, and then exchanged 50 US dollars of Thai baht per person at the bank to apply for a visa on arrival. Each person needs 1,000 Thai baht, about 30 US dollars, and some Thai baht is left for pocket money. We have agreed with the tour guide that he will pay all the expenses during the trip first, and both parties will keep accounts, and finally pay him US dollars together, so we don’t have to exchange more Thai baht.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

After going through customs, picking up the luggage, walking to the airport exit, finding a bank to exchange some coins, and then calling the coin phone to contact the tour guide. We put in the coin, but the call didn't go through. We didn't know what to do, but a Thai man next to us saw it and called the tour guide on his mobile phone for us, and agreed to meet at Exit 7 of the airport. We walked to Exit 7 and quickly met the tour guide. Everyone got on the tour guide's car, and the tour guide drove himself to Pattaya at ~7:30am. In the next two days, the tour guide will accompany us throughout the journey.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

The road scenery is very beautiful, the road surface is clean and tidy, and it only takes more than an hour to drive from the airport to Pattaya. The introduction on the Internet is: Pattaya covers an area of ​​about 200 square kilometers, three-quarters of which are islands and oceans, and the coastline is 15 kilometers long. It is located 147 kilometers southeast of the capital Bangkok, in the Gulf of Siam between the Indian Peninsula and the Malay Peninsula. Pattaya is famous for its sunshine, beaches, and seafood, and is known as the "Hawaii of the East". There are only 100,000 people here, but it receives more than 1 million tourists every year, and more than 90% of the city's population is engaged in tourism-related work. The 15-kilometer-long coastline has clear water and calm waves. Tourists from all over the world enjoy sunbathing leisurely. Water sports such as water skiing and diving are also very popular. After dark, colorful fireworks decorate the night sky of Pattaya, the neon lights of dance halls and nightclubs are dazzling, the small bars on both sides of the street are bustling, and pop music fills the streets.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

We stayed at Mountain Beach Hotel, which is on the hillside. The hotel has a swimming pool and is very comfortable. We caught the plane in the middle of the night and tossed all night. Although we slept for a while on the plane, we were still sleepy at this time. Everyone went to sleep and went out again in the afternoon.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

We slept from 1:00 to 1:00, and the tour guide came to pick us up and drove out. It was sunny and hot outside, and his car had air conditioning. We went to the big restaurant of Carrefour for dinner. Each person bought a 100-baht card. There were many foods to choose from. After eating, we went to refund the remaining money in the card. Each person ate 50 or 60 baht.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

Then we went to see Thai dance performances, Muay Thai performances and elephant performances. There were more than a dozen elephants performing, and they were well trained. Some tourists went up to hold the tusks and let the trunks roll up to take pictures. There were elephants straddling people, elephants giving massages, and elephants painting. After coming out, some people took photos with a leopard, with an orangutan, and with actors in costumes, of course, all for a fee.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

Erotic performances After dinner, we went to see the performances. The first show was a model show, or a model performance. The ticket office said 1,600 baht per person. The tour guide went to buy tickets, and each person was 1,200 baht, about 300 yuan. When we entered, a performance was in progress. The venue was like a small theater, with a long stage about 3 meters wide in the middle and stepped stands on three sides, which could accommodate 400 people, and they were all full. Find an empty seat and sit down, and each person was given a small bottle of beer.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

When the music started, 5 or 6 beauties came out in a line, wearing bikinis and dancing erotically. The beauties were all beautiful and had great bodies. They took turns dancing on the stage. I couldn't take my eyes off them. As they danced, they took off their bras, and their long hair swayed, their round and upright bodies trembled, which was very refreshing. In the next round, they took off their shorts, and their long legs were covered by black hair, and their slim waists were charming. It was really a paradise on earth.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

In the second round of performances, someone came to the audience to find someone to go on stage to interact with the beauties. There were both men and women in the audience, so they naturally asked men. After 4 or 5 people refused, someone went on stage. The beauties helped him sit down and took off his shirt. Two or three naked beauties danced around him, rubbed him, and rubbed him. Then they asked him to stand up and pull down his pants. He and the beauties appeared naked together, and the lights were turned off and everyone retreated to the backstage. After the lights came on, it was the next performance. In one program, two men were called up together and were ravaged by beauties.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

At the end of the program, the lights were turned off. When the lights came on again, a cover had been removed from the middle of the stage, revealing a large bathing pool. The beauty went down to perform a bathing show. Then a young man was found from the audience and stripped him naked one by one on the stage. The naked woman went into the big pool with him and rubbed his whole body with her breasts. Finally, the beauty rubbed his face with her pubic hair. This kind of symptom was really unheard of in a crowd of hundreds of people.

The next show was one we had seen before, so we knew we had finished one round. After watching for a while, we left. As soon as there were empty seats, people came in again. I heard that there were three performances every night, each lasting more than an hour.

Getting on the tour guide's car, we came to another performance "Three in One". The ticket price was also 1,200 baht per person. The performance was mainly a sex show, drumming, and women playing tricks on women. The performance venue was similar, with a stage in the middle and audiences on three sides.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

A girl came out, plump and fair, and took off her clothes to the music; then a man came out, tall and handsome, wearing sunglasses, naked, with his penis raised high. The two danced three times around the stage. During the dance, the woman lay down, and the man jumped on her and inserted his penis into her vagina. During the thrusting, the man lifted one of the woman's legs and spread it high, exposing her private parts. He put it down and lifted the other leg again. The two moved, and the woman was in front of the man and he was behind him, and they thrusted sideways. The man held the woman up, and the man stood up, holding the woman's buttocks and pressing his penis tightly. The woman supported herself on the ground with both hands, and they thrusted three times around the stage. The sexual organs were not separated, and the two performed all the 18 sexual positions. The man held the woman face to face in front of his chest, and the woman hooked her hands around the man's neck and her legs around his back. The man held the woman and walked off the stage, came to the audience seats, and looked for female audience members, and put the naked woman on the legs of the female audience members and thrusted. The female audience members avoided or refused, and he held the woman and went to find another female audience member, and the whole audience laughed. This happened three times, and he held the woman back on the stage, turned off the lights, and then the lights came on. There was no one on the stage.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

Playing drums. A naked man walked out, with a standing red waist drum hanging in front of him and an ugly doll made of cloth on his back. He walked around the stage, picked up his long penis, and the music stopped suddenly. His hands rose and fell, and a clear drum sound was heard, and everyone laughed. He made a funny face and beat the drums in front of the audience on three sides. He walked off the stage and came to the audience, looking for female audience members, and wanted to beat the drums close to them for them to see. The female audience members either hid or watched quietly. He then looked for other female audience members and asked them to hold his penis with their hands and beat the drums. When we first entered the stage, they were performing drumming, and no female audience member was willing to beat the drums. After we finished watching the first round, we saw the second drumming. A young female audience member walked onto the stage and held his penis with her hands and beat the drums. The first time it didn't sound, he held her hand and pressed the stem tightly, and then it sounded again. The whole audience applauded, a real female hero.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

Women teased women. After the lights came on, there was a stainless steel pipe welded frame on the stage, with a convex arc on it, just right for a person to lie down. Three women came out, one was naked, and the other two women had plastic penises on their waists, which were thicker and longer than real penises, and they were high up. The woman lies on a shelf, with a fake penis inserted into her vagina and a fake penis inserted into her mouth. Push the shelf to change positions. The woman changes to lying on the shelf, with a fake penis inserted into her anus, and the person inserting her has to lift one leg so that people can see which hole is inserted.

Shemale nude show. A beautiful woman comes out in a bikini and calls a male audience member to come on stage to make love with her. She signals the man to help her take off her bra, and she rubs his face with her breasts. She signals the man to help her take off her briefs, and after a long time of hesitation, she reveals a male penis when she takes them off. Everyone in the audience is shocked. The upper body is an absolute long-haired beauty, white and beautiful, and the lower body is indeed a male body, soft and small black. The man who helps her take off her pants comes down, and another naked shemale comes out. The lower body of this shemale is not a male body, but it is a little bigger than the woman's. The two shemales stand side by side on the stage, facing the audience on one side first, then facing the audience on the other side, and take turns to appear in three circles in the audience seats on three sides. It's really strange.
During the performance, someone was caught taking photos in the back row. Several men asked the woman to get out. After a stalemate, they let it go. It was written at the entrance that photography was prohibited. I didn't dare to use flash to take photos secretly. I don't think it would be clear without a flash.

This performance also lasted more than an hour. Then we went back to the hotel to sleep.

.The next day, we were supposed to go to the island beach, but after discussing and hesitating for a long time, we decided not to go. In the morning, we swam in the hotel swimming pool, and there were several Russian girls in the pool.

In the afternoon, we watched a 3D movie, visited the huge Guanyin statue inlaid with gold bars on the mountain, and visited the botanical garden.

At 6 o'clock in the afternoon, we went on the Oriental Princess cruise to have dinner and watch the transvestite show. During the meal, the transvestite danced by the table, which was really gorgeous. After the dance, the transvestite came to accompany and take photos, 20 baht per person per time. Then, the transvestite pulled everyone to dance in a group. The performance on the Oriental Princess lasted more than an hour. The tour guide said that the transvestite show on the Oriental Princess was the best. It cost 1,200 baht per person, and we had to wait in line for the venue.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

Walked along the walking street and watched the nightlife on Pattaya. There were bars on both sides of the street, and the barmaids sat by the counters and looked at the passers-by. The tour guide said that if we liked any barmaid, we could take her to the hotel to play, and he could help us. There were many Westerners strolling on the street, and of course there were many Chinese.

Back to the hotel at night, we checked out with the tour guide. This trip to Pattaya cost us $275 per person, including visa fees, two days of food, accommodation, and tickets for performances.

The tour guide did not stay in our hotel. The next morning, he drove us to Bangkok Airport, and the trip to Pattaya was smooth and successful.

Some thoughts Westerners can be seen everywhere on the streets of Pattaya, but not a single Westerner can be seen in these two erotic performances. There may be Japanese and Koreans, but around where I sat, all I heard was Chinese. I asked the tour guide why there was no Westerner in the venue? He said there was another erotic performance by Westerners, and they might have gone there. I think there may be other reasons.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

In the past, when I watched pornographic videos, I would have sexual reactions and my penis would become erect. I had no sexual reactions at all when I watched the naked pornographic performances in Pattaya. The penises of the men who were raped by the beauties on stage after taking off their pants were all soft. I wonder how other people who have watched the performances feel? Why is that? Maybe it's because the occasion is too shocking and they are not used to it. Maybe after watching it two or three times, they will have reactions.

Pattaya is full of bright lights and nightlife every day, and naked pornographic performances and barmaids' pornographic services are available everywhere. However, the public security here is good, and there is no rape or sexual crime. There are two reasons why so many Chinese come to Pattaya to watch pornographic performances. One is that the pornographic performances here are well done and the beauties are beautiful; the other is that such performances are not allowed in China, and only Pattaya can open their eyes. China is still in the process of reform and opening up, and I hope that it will be as open as here in the near future. Pornographic magazines can be seen everywhere in street newsstands and supermarkets in the United States and Western Europe. Social life is going on normally, and it does not prevent them from making the best love movie Titanic. In April, an article in the Indian English newspaper "THE TIMES OF INDIA" said that the annual turnover of the pornography industry in the United States exceeds that of McDonald's, and the number of pornographic films produced each year exceeds that of Hollywood. Some people I know spend more on sex than on food and drink. The high turnover of the sex service industry shows that there is a strong social demand. Of course, this cannot be a sufficient reason for its legalization. No matter how much money is stolen, it is still illegal. However, pornographic performances and sex services like those in Pattaya are clearly marked with prices, and those who are willing to come and watch are both willing. The whole process does not cause losses or harm to others and society. It should be allowed. Flower Fairy Xiao Bei said that in the UK, brothels are legal, and the profession of prostitutes is protected by the government like the police.

Pattaya-Pattaya PATTAYA travel notes and nude ladyboy show, sex is well-deserved

In January, CCTV had a special program about several bank employees in Northeast China stealing huge sums of money to buy welfare lottery tickets. During the speech, a female professor from Peking University said that welfare lottery tickets cater to people's gambling psychology, but indulging in lottery tickets will have negative effects. She talked about what regulations are there to reduce and prevent negative effects.

The sex service industry also has negative effects. China should find regulations to reduce and prevent negative effects, rather than completely banning it. Because the vast majority of legitimate sex transactions are voluntary acts between the two parties, and do not harm others or society. Some people may say that hair salons, massage parlors and other quasi-pornographic places are everywhere now, and they are already open enough. The "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Public Security Administration Punishment" clearly stipulates that prostitutes and prostitutes shall be fined no more than 5,000 yuan and detained for no more than 15 days. Therefore, no matter how many hair salons and massage parlors there are, sex transactions are illegal underground transactions, and there is always the risk of being investigated and arrested.


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